We at Talk Wargaming have been granted the good fortune of an exclusive first look at a new table top game, The Edge. Coming soon to Kickstarter, we have an brief overview of what the game is about as well as a more in depth look at one of the races. Over to you Awaken Realms:
“There are some things, you can never forget. Things, that won’t let you sleep for long weeks. Once you see them… You will understand that. They are different. Somehow much more terrifying than Demons. We can understand Demons - even if they are manifestation of everything that is evil. But there is no clear purpose in the brute force behind those faceless creatures... They can rip a man in half in a second and then feast on his souls. Yes, brother, there are thing you can never forget.  " - Sir Roderic Malv, one of the Chapters Holy Knights 

The Edge is a project developed by Awaken Realms – set in a post apocalyptic universe of 3 factions clash: Human leftovers united by Chapter of The One using crystal-base technology to stand against other factions; Demons, ruthless conquerors of worlds divided into 3 casts. And finally the Faceless, creatures created by mere accident, that as for now are devouring their enemies, evolving and spreading at a disturbing speed. 
What is unique in this project are great care for miniatures – as a painting studio we have seen some great models at Awaken Realms and also some really bad ones. We have learned the difference and we are ready to bring it to the next level. The 3D printing revolution enables us to achieve details of 0,016mm helping us to bring the universe of The Edge to life! 
C:\Users\kl\Dropbox (Awaken Realms)\The Edge\Modele\gameplay elements\Crystals\IMG_1331.JPG
The Edge will be a skirmish game taking the best of the wargaming experience and mixing it up with card game – each player will be able to collect special crystals on the board in order to his mana pool. Mana can be spent on special cards (spells) with global reach, played from the hand or can be used for activating units special abilities. This mechanic will ensure a lot of “turn the tide” moments as well as more complicated terrain and future anticipation based strategies.

The Faceless

Faceless were created soon after the Demons came into the world of The Edge. Exact circumstance of their creation are not clear to either Chapter or demon, but the reports state, that first faceless creature were created from human body pierced by a crystal part.
C:\Users\kl\Dropbox (Awaken Realms)\The Edge\Grafiki\Characters\Faceless\Devourer\Devourer.jpg

At first, they were only half-dead bio-mass wandering around battlefields and feasting upon the dead, but soon they evolved into something much more terrifying. They implemented metal they devoured into their bodies and reached for the next step in their evolution. Faceless take various forms, but they have a few things in common – all of them have a crystal hidden most often in their chests as well as masks built up from bones or metal (this is where they got their name).
They do not feel emotion and are driven by sole instinct of devouring and evolving – or at least they seem to, as little known about them. They are sometimes called "Soul Eaters" by humans, as they are literal feed off the life energy of their defeated enemies. They are also an unexpected obstacle and a threat for the Demons conquering plans, as they feel no fear and resist manipulation.
When it comes to gameplay, Faceless will be mostly focusing on close combat fight, "growing” with each unit they defeat. They have are also been known to show abnormal regeneration skills. Take a look at exclusive model preview of Faceless Berserk Alfa!

C:\Users\kl\Dropbox (Awaken Realms)\The Edge\Modele\Rendery\Faceless\Berserk Alfa\4.jpgC:\Users\kl\Dropbox (Awaken Realms)\The Edge\Modele\Rendery\Faceless\Berserk Alfa\1.jpg
C:\Users\kl\Dropbox (Awaken Realms)\The Edge\Modele\Rendery\Faceless\Berserk Alfa\2.jpgC:\Users\kl\Dropbox (Awaken Realms)\The Edge\Modele\Rendery\Faceless\Berserk Alfa\3a.jpg

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