For those of you that think this makes a difference and those of you that breath Games Workshop you'll be pleased to know that they've undertaken a thorough search for their new CEO and appointed Kev from Accounts.

I've looked long and hard for a picture of Kev from Accounts but sadly I haven't found one so we'll pretend the first Kev on google is Kev Rountree. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new CEO.

Kev started his career as a baby before graduating to preschool. Around the age of 5 he went to "big" school where it soon became obvious that he could "count good". Aged 8 he went to a barbers for a haircut and noticed a gentlemen with a hugely impressive tash, Kev grew one. When Kevin turned 9 a lost Bald Eagle sought refuge within his thick protective facial appendage. Kevin and "Barry" the Bald Eagle soon became close friends, so close infact that Barry unashamedly invited Kev to his Wargames club in Walthamstow. The rest of course is history.

 "The board undertook a thorough process in selecting our new CEO, receiving a significant number of applications for the position, both internal and external. Kevin was the outstanding candidate," Kirby said. Which in Wargamish translates as. "The board had a roll off and Kev won."

This news has been met with some scathing blurbs around the internet. Many people have been putting two and two together and finding 5. Some have even said that Mr Kirby has been given the heave ho for a dire financial year. These people of course belong to the "MORON" subset. Would you put Kev from Accounts in charge of a firm that had shit accounts?

The escapist magazine;-
The flagging purveyor of miniatures games and all things Warhammer has chosen a company veteran for their new CEO.
 Dave from Stoke said;-
This is good news, I like fruit pastilles.

Hot On The Wire.

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