No new miniatures previews this week, just a few images detailing the upcoming Khaine expansion for End Times. The artwork for this book is amazing, the fiery colors really bring to life the Avatar of Khaine.

There is a lot of information on these pages regarding the continuing story line of the End Times, especially in regards to the Elves. Most notably is how Tyrion (not Lannister) becomes the Avatar of Khaine. What is also interesting in the pictures is the combined force of Dark, High and Wood Elves, it's nice to see them all pulling together for once.

Finally we have a preview of the next White Dwarf which states the question, Will the Shield Worlds Stand? It is most probably Blood Angels (Shield of Baal) however after a quick dive into the fluff I found a bit of information. Historically the Shield Worlds were where the Dark Angels were campaigning during the Horus Heresy. The Night Lords were also involved as Horus sent them to intercept them. Could this be a hint at Dark Angels or even Night Lords getting revisited? It's too early to say.

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