The vast majority of Wargamers want their very own gaming board complete with awesome looking terrain. But not having the time, resources or even the skill to achieve it often gets in the way. Sure, you can just use a empty cereal box or a pile of books but it is never quite the same. If this situation sounds familiar then you will probably be very interested in this Kickstarter campaign from XLC. The Pre-Printed MDF Wargame Terrain Project aims to remedy the above problems and finally give you the gaming table you want.

Now you're probably saying "I've seen laser cut terrain before, what's so special about these guys?" well first of all don't interrupt it's incredibly rude, and secondly this isn't your usual laser cut terrain. What make XLC's scenery stand out is the fact that it comes pre-printed meaning you don't even have to paint it before getting it on your table. You simply peel off the protective backing and glue it together with the glue provided and you have some good looking terrain is next to no time.

The XLC have a range of different terrain available from barricades and watchtowers to more civilian constructs such as warehouse and shipping containers. These give you plenty of options when setting up your own sci-fi/modern gaming table.

After smashing their target in the first few days of being live, XLC are now taking your suggestions for their stretch goals. What's also great is that they are aiming to ship out in December this year so there is no need to wait for months to get your pledges! So head on over to their Kickstarter page to pledge and maybe even get your own idea made, simply click the image below:

Hot On The Wire.

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