Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter will be rebooting on Friday 14th November at 19:00 GMT / 13:00 CST. So be sure to check them out and play your part in making sure this excellent looking game comes to fruition. You can find more information by heading over to their Facebook Page and dropping them a Like.

We also have some news regarding an exclusive Starter set for the Kickstarter backers. The set contains everything you need to get started with Fallen Frontiers including scenery, game cards and miniatures. These sets will be limited so make sure you get your pledges in early!

If you're unfamiliar with Fallen Frontiers the guys at Scale games have created a handy introductory video to explain what its about:

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...