Listen up maggots! The reason you're here is because you want to learn how to win at Dust Tactics. But before you can do that you must know your troops inside and out, and I'm not just talking about whats left after that mortar shell hits. Welcome to the Dust Field Manual, our new segment that aims to help the aspiring Dust commander and refresh the grizzled veterans. For our first part, we take a look at the SSU Fakyeli.


5 Infantry


  • 4 Shotguns
  • 5 Molotovs (Limited Use)
  • 1 Sulfur Thrower


  • Fast moving
  • Excellent close range weaponry
  • Sulfur Jet Ignores Cover + Auto Suppression
  • Some Anti-Vehicle Capabilities


  • No long range weaponry
  • Armor rating of 2

Tactics (Using)

The Fakyeli's purpose is well and truly close combat. The Fakyeli are most potent when used to take out longer ranged Infantry squads that have been kept in the back field. Their base movement rate of 3 is extremely useful when closing in on an enemy prior to close combat. Their armor rating of 2 makes them vulnerable to ranged attacks, avoid this by moving from cover to cover before quickly engaging your opponent in close combat. 

Their strongest asset is the Sulfur Jet, a Flame weapon which is effective against both vehicles and infantry. Being able to instantly destroy Infantry and Vehicles of Armor Rating 2 and below. The Sulfur Jet is limited by its Range of 1 meaning it will most likely be used prior to a close combat attack. This is where their high movement speed comes in to play. The Molotov Cocktails also help to make the Fakyeli reasonable light vehicle hunters. However their limited uses means they shouldn't be relied upon.

Tactics (Facing)

As mentioned above, the Fakyeli are fearsome close range fighters. Be sure to keep them at arms length as letting them close in can have disastrous effects. Unless your troops are equally proficient at CQB or have heavy armor you should avoid entering close combat with them. 

If they are out in the open they are definitely worth sending some ranged fire their way. They aren't particularly resilient and it's best to remove them before they become a nuisance. But be wary of their Move Rating, it can be quite easy to be caught unawares should you forget their speed. 

If you find yourself in a building with them it may be wiser to withdraw rather than facing them down. Try to tempt them out of cover before engaging them with your heavier vehicles, 

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