Your adorable pal Pimpcron is back from his mathacombs (see what I did there?) with some more Mathhammer! Today we see shooty versus shooty in Militarum Tempestus Scions versus Tau Fire Warriors! Let's see who is a better choice for their points. The interesting thing about this match up is that the Scions are great at shooting, their armor is better and their guns are AP3; but meanwhile we all know how well Tau can do massing their strength 5 shooting against only toughness 3 Scions.

  • The purpose of this Death Match is to see which unit is the best bang for its points. All units are using base equipment with no upgrades or wargear unless the point costs don’t match up.
  • Rules: 2 turns of shooting, followed by close combat until death.
  • Strictly Using Mathhammer but rounding decimals to the nearest number.
  • No Cover.
  • Both units shoot and both are counted as assaulting unless Overwatching would be more advantageous.

Shooting Round 1:

The Scions lose 4 wounds to the mass of Tau fire.
The Tau lose 5 wounds to the AP3 Hot-shot Lazgun fire of the Scions.

Shooting Round 2:

Militarum Tempestus guys lose 2 more wounds. Leaving 2 guys.
Tau lose 3 more wounds. Leaving only one guy left.

Assault Round 1:

They both choose to overwatch because they are both much better at shooting than close combat.
Surprisingly, neither side kills anybody.

They proceed to slap fight each other for 1-2 rounds before the Tau guy finally dies. So there you have it!

Militarum Tempestus Scions Win!

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Any Matches you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to one of our readers, Eric Iverson who had the idea for the match!

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