Hey ya'll! Your friendly neighborhood Pimpcron is bringing you another Death Match! Today we have some sibling rivalry with Berserkers of Khorne fighting for Daddy's Love against Bloodleters of Khorne! Let's see who gets to go fishingwith Papa Khorne this weekend?

The purpose of this Death Match is to see which unit is the best bang for its points. All units are using base equipment with no upgrades or wargear unless the point costs don’t match up.
Rules: 2 turns of shooting, followed by close combat until death.
Strictly Using Math-hammer but rounding decimals to the nearest number.
No Cover.
Both units shoot and both are counted as assaulting unless Overwatching would be more advantageous.

Shooting Round 1:

Khorne Berserkers shoot their pistols at the Bloodletters, leaving 3 Bloodletters dead from the salvo.
Bloodletters try to throw their swords, but decide against it.They may need the swords after this next turn.

Shooting Round 2:

Berserkers take another round of shots, and 3 'Letters die.
Bloodletters just look at them.

Assault Round 1:

This is the part where it gets nasty.
Khorne Berserkers decide to charge, using their Rage, and kill and incredible 11 'Letters.
Exactly 10 unsaved wounds are dealt to the Berserkers from the power weapons and Furious Charge.

That was quick! I originally had it posted that the Berserkers won, because I accidentally had the Berserkers equipped with defensive grenades; which they don't have. Oops. My shiny metal face is quite red. Now you see the value of defensive grenades! They went from winning to losing because of them.

Bloodletters Win!

I thought this would be a closer battle at first glance before working it out, because the Berserkers have double the attacks on the charge, but that AP 3 in close combat is hard to ignore. But almost wiping each other out on the first turn isn't bad!

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What other match-ups would you like to see?

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