Following on from our previous review of the Bolt Action starter set, D-Day Firefight, we are back to un-box some more Warlord games products. This time we take a look at a selection of different items including a Sherman Medium Tank, SS-Sturmbattalion Charlemange squad and finally the Armies of the Soviet Union Rulebook.


Fans of Italeri will be pleased to hear that they are the guys behind Bolt Actions Sherman Medium Tank. The kit is plastic (great news for vehicles) and is in 1/56th scale, matching the 28mm scale of the infantry.

Even at this scale, detailing has not been scrimped on. The chassis is resplendent with the accessories of war including hand tools and tow cables. Other nice touches include the weld lines between the different panels, a feature that any fan of the Sherman tank will recognize. The kit itself is straightforward enough to assemble quickly allowing you to build them up ready for painting in no time. This kit will leave you wanted to assemble a full armored divisions of Shermans.

The SS-Sturmbattalion Charlemange squad is the first of the Bolt Action range that I have reviewed to come in white metal. The miniatures are single posed but each of the 10 models in the kit has its own unique pose. Some degree of customization is afforded, however, by the separate heads. The 10 heads that you receive not only offer a degree of variation they also allow you to mix and match between your other kits.

Warlord games have certainly taken advantage of the level of detail afforded by white metal. Straps and webbing are nicely defined and small details, such as the cooling holes in the weapon barrels, have not been overlooked. My favorite aspect of these guys has to be the squad member carrying the scavenged PPsh, these little features really help to add depth and background. Overall this is a great looking kit and is a definite must for anyone looking to field a late war force of Germans.

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Once again, I am extremely impressed with what Warlord Games have to offer with their Bolt Action range. I can safely say that the same quality seen in the plastic kits of the starter set has been carried over to their metal miniatures. 

Normally I shy away from non-plastic miniatures as my past experience (chipped paint, chipped paint everywhere) has sullied my opinion on them. But after spending several years being subjected the horrors of Fine Cast, and discovering spray varnish, I can safely say I have seen the light and metal miniatures aren't that bad after all. I would even go as far as saying that the SS-Sturmbattalion kit has impressed me enough to purchase more.

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