My journey into Warhammer 40k universe is a fairly recent one, but what keeps me here is the expansive background and fluff. Lately however, I have felt the ghost of stagnation creeping up on me, and have wondered why Games Workshop seems so hell bent on keeping most of the cool stuff Forge World and 30k only.

As most of us know, Warhammer 40k takes place in a vast and incredible dark universe, where mankind is besieged from every side and is slowly losing a constant struggle for survival. Even the merest glimmer of hope is swiftly swept away, by some chaos incursion, Tyranid hive fleet, Necron invasion or something different, but equally dark and foreboding…

All the eternal struggle aside, the background has grown very stagnant with the last interesting character dying about 10.000 years ago and all we have left are pale imitations. To add insult to injury Games Workshop seems to recognize this, which is why all the interesting characters, weapons and so on, have been delegated to Forge world and 30k…

Don't get me wrong, I like 40k in all it’s grimdark glory, but I can't help but feel a bit jaded when all victories are for nought. It really does not matter if you win or lose, everything is going to hell in a handbasket anyway. The Emperor is either going crazy or dying (probably both) and when he goes, the last battery endlessly trying to power humanity finally runs dry.

Which begs the question; If the Chaos gods want to consume humanity, why don't they just play the waiting game? It seems easier and they would have more time to dedicate to their hobbies  like brewing plagues in the case of Nurgle or have S&M orgies in the case of Slaanesh.
But I digress.

So with all the authority the internet has bestowed upon me, I will venture to propose a few things, that might improve and move the game along.
First of all, put the Emperor out of his misery already! For far too long he has been sitting on that throne, endlessly in pain, so it seems fair to flip the switch.
With him gone, we might finally be rid of some of the stagnation of the Empire of man as everyone is trying to figure out what to do next and with the big “Endtimes” button pushed so hard the spring broke, we should get the promised return of some of the Primarchs.
Why should 30k get all the fun? I want my magnificent Roboute Guilliman striding through the battlefield and wrecking stuff!
Just imagine what possibilities we could have with a setting, that didn't rely on a rehash of stagnant technology and the same old story told through a different individual.

I want an Empire that is taking a beating of epic proportions, but with some glimmer of hope, that through innovation, sheer grit and Heroes it might be able to pull through, forever change but ultimately victorious.
But what about all the other races I hear you cry, surely they need a bite of the cake too!
Sure they do and so they shall. The galaxy is a vast place and I see no reason why we can't have alien scum filling up large portions of it. Perhaps even with some form of diplomacy between some of the races.
A less xenophobic Empire would surely seek out allies in such desperate times and both tau and Eldar/Dark Eldar(and to some extent, Necrons), would benefit from such an alliance.
The Tau because of the lack of understanding of the warp, the Eldar because of the lack of numbers and the Necrons because they hate all things warp.
This also positions the chaos factions the way it should be, as the ultimate badasses of evil.

And just for a second imagine the impact such alliances would have on the Space Marines who have been bred and trained to be as xenophobic as possible. Would they regard the rest of the Empire as traitors or, slightly out of character, accept it as temporary necessity?
Add to all of the above, that it would force the races to progress and innovate(with the exception of tau), to combat the almost never ending tide of ass kicking pouring forth from every orifice in the universe and we might even see some exciting new tech. You know, the kind of tech 30k has…

But enough of my chaos inflicted ramblings, what does your alternative Warhammer 40k look like?

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