When it comes to painting miniatures there are many factors which will determine the outcome of your paint-job. One of the most important of these, in my opinion, is using the right paint brush. Not only do you have to contend with finding the correct brush size and bristle material for the job but there is also a plethora of paintbrush manufacturers to choose from. It can be a real minefield
especially if you're on a budget. Not only do you want something that will last, but also something that is relatively inexpensive. Well let me introduce our old friend The Army Painter and their paintbrush range.
I have used many brands of paintbrush in my 10 years of painting, some good and some bad. But since coming across the The Army Painters range of brushes earlier this year I've never looked back. So what's so good about these? Well before I carry on let me give you the run down on their range.

The Brushes

Vehicle & Scenery

The largest brush of the Army Painters range. The brush features a wide flat edge making it perfect
for quickly applying paint to large scenery pieces or dry brushing vehicles.

Large Drybrush & Small Drybrush

Both of these brushes feature flat bristles cut at a 43 degree angel making it much easier to hold the bristle tips perpendicular to your surface. The flat arrangement of the brushes also allow you to get a nice even coverage when drybrushing. The Large Drybrush is excellent for quick coverage of larger monsters or early layers of smaller models. The Small Drybrush, on the other hand, is perfect for picking out individual details or reaching those fiddly areas.


When trying to create rust and weathering effects, the Stippling brush is the perfect tool. The short flat bristles create a speckled effect on surfaces simulating areas of corrosion and damage. Combine this with the Vehicle & Scenery to get an excellent finish on your vehicles.


My personal favorite for applying washes and Quick Shades to large areas. The Monster brush is made from Toray synthetic which releases paint much more slowly than its Sable counterparts. Combined with the softness of the bristles, this brush allows you to achieve a nice even coverage on
your larger miniatures.


Probably the most frequently used of all my Army Painter brushes. The Regiments size is perfect for covering large flat areas such as shields and armor quickly, however its tip is still sharp enough to pick out detail and avoid over spill onto other areas. Combine this brush with the Monster and you have an excellent combination for painting Space Marines with.


The Character brush is best suited for when you want to paint more individual miniatures such as Heroes and Captains. Smaller in size than the Regiment, the Character brush allows you to achieve much finer highlighting, making it perfect for picking out details.


The Detail brush is excellent for when you want to achieve more than just a table top standard paint job. The fine bristles make light work of intricate areas, such as faces and decorative armors, making it the ideal brush for your most powerful Heroes.

Insane Detail

The aptly named Insane Detail brush is reserved for those extra special paint jobs where you want to achieve a showcase style finish. The fine point allows you to reach some of the smallest areas of a miniature such as eyes and fingernails. You can also use this brush for free hand text on scrolls and books, but make sure you have a steady hand.


You may have thought that you couldn't get a much smaller brush than the Insane Detail, but you'd be wrong. The mad scientists over at the Army Painter have created the Pyscho brush. Especially designed for anyone deranged enough to want to paint individual eye lashes or single celled organisms. On a serious note, this brush is fantastic if you want to paint minuscule detail such as iris's.



The Army Painters range of Wargamer brushes features a mixture of bristle materials. The larger brushes (Drybrushes, Regiment) are made from Toray synthetic fibres giving you a soft flexible brush that holds paint extremely well. The smaller brushes are made from Rothmarder sable which is great for achieving a fine point, the bristles also have a good amount of spring to them which makes painting much easier.
What is also an interesting feature with the Wargamer range is their handle shape. Rather than the traditional round handle, The Army Painter have opted for a triangular shaped one instead. This gives you a surprising amount of control over the brush as your fingers rest on each of the handles facets. This is an excellent advantage if you're using the the Detail and Insane Detail brushes where fine control is key. 


Overall The Army Painters Wargamer range is great selection of brushes. It provides a brush for every job and maintains a great level of quality throughout. Innovative features such as the triangular handles really help this range stand out from the masses of other paintbrushes available out there. 
The range is also relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider how long they will last if taken good care of. So if you're looking to update your paintbrushes then I highly recommend picking up some of the Army Painters Wargamer range.

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