You may remember our Kickstarter News article from a couple of days ago (HERE) in which we reported on Anvil Industry's latestest project, Afterlife - The Shards of Liberty. Well we have been fortunate to get our hands on some of the models from this Kickstarter so lets take a look at the miniatures.

Ellenor Renard & Lena Petrova

It's ladies first with the Unity Council Member Ellenor Renard who is also the Kickstarter exclusive miniature for this project. Her miniature is readying for close combat as she draws her sword from her back mounted sheath, this pose looks pretty bad ass to be fair. Dressed in similar gear to the Unity Councils Marine Corps, it really helps to tie in her allegiance. 

Lena Petrova, the electronics specialist for Republic isn't equipped with any weapons. However, she probably doesn't need any. Her neural interface suit no doubt allows her to do far more damage by hacking enemy systems than a conventional weapon could achieve.

Natalya Federici & Lucretia Chang

These two stylishly dressed women, who are as deadly as they are elegant, are members of an Assassin Pack add-on coming soon to AfterLife. Natalya Federici reminds me of Alice from the first Resident Evil film in her off the shoulder dress and knee high boots (have we become a fashion site all of sudden?). She is Security Director of Radoni Corps and also daughter of Vargo Federici, making her that much more formidable.

Lucretia wields a wrist mounted weapon, which can be easily concealed within her cybernetic arm, is the perfect weapon for the infiltrating assassin. From what I have seen so far, I will be looking forward to seeing more of these Assassins.

Female Miniatures

One thing that I have to point out about the female miniatures from Afterlife is how 'normal' they are. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, in fact it is refreshing to see women portrayed in Wargames without being skimpily clad or anatomically disproportionate to ridiculous levels. So well done Anvil Industry for actually including female characters and not following along with an outdated portrayal of women, take note GW. 

CRANE Wardrone

Another one of the new miniatures, this CRANE Wardrone came in 4 parts, the body/leg section, a head and two arms. The arms and the head were both ball jointed allowing me to achieve this pretty cool looking dynamic pose. The monocular head reminds of the Hammer Drones from the end of Iron Man 2 making this a pretty bad ass looking miniature in my book.

Ellion Hesp

A grizzled mercenary under the pay role of the Republic, Ellion Hesp cares about two things: money and getting the job done. Equipped with a high tech prototype multi-launcher, linked directly to his brain, Hesp is rightly feared across dozens of warzones. The miniature is covered in scars, each on serving as testament to his many victories. If you think of a tough mercenary type, this guy is what comes to mind.

Ajax Exo-Mech

This chunky looking fellow is the Ajax Exo-Mech and, like the following miniatures, is part of the existing line of Afterlife miniatures available from Anvil Industry. The miniature, like the Wardrone, comes in four parts which, coupled with its wide array of weapon options, allows for some degree of variation. I really like how bulky the suit is and the little details, such as the rear mounted power pack, lend credibility to it's design.

Unity Council Marines

Here we have the troopers of the Unity Council, the Marine Corps. Although they make up the back bone of the Unity Council forces they are far from basic trooper. Armed with the best and equipment available and highly trained, the Marine Corps is an elite force. These two troopers are part of 10 unique sculpts and are a perfect example as to how excellent these guys look. Their numerous pouches, armor and silenced carbines really emphasize just how dangerous these guys are.

Republic Grenadiers

Whilst lacking the training of the Unity Council Marines, the Grenadiers more than make up for it with their top ranged equipment. Fitted out in heavy combat armor these miniatures remind me of the ODST's from the Halo series. 

What I like about both the Marines and the Grenadiers is that they are different enough to be distinguishable but also similar enough to maintain their similar Earth origins. It's details like this that really add credence to a back story.

Senator Vargo Federici

Head of Radoni Corps and First Senator of the Republic, Senator Vargo Federici is as charismatic as he is ruthless. What I like about this miniature is his stoic appearance and his un assuming suit which mask this mans true power. The reverse of the model shows an example of Vargos cybernetic and genetic enhancements, which have made him much more than human.

Taurus Gun Tractors

Originally designed for industrial purpose, Radoni corps retrofitted these machines for combat. Equipped with either missile launchers, howitzers or mini guns, the Taurus Gun Tractors lend heavy fire power to the Republics ground troops. I really like the look of these tractors, there style reminds me of an advanced versions of the modern day bomb disposal robots, although much more heavily armed.


So as my first look at both Afterlife and Anvil Industry's miniatures I have to say I am impressed. Even if you dis-regard how awesome these miniatures look the quality of the casts is phenomenal. All of the images above were taken following a quick assembly, no mold line cleaning or flash removal took place. As you can see there was very little in the way of work required to prep the models, a problem which many resin manufacturers have. What you also have to remember is that the Kickstarter miniatures are only prototype casts, and if they look this good at this stage you can be certain the final cast will be fantastic.

The detailing achieved in the sculpts is also exceptional, especially on the ammo pouches and equipment seen on the Grenadiers and Marines. The whole aesthetic of Afterlife really appeals to me, I'm a big fan of the not so distant future technology seen in Titan Fall and Halo and these miniatures really portray that. For comparison, I would say that they are easily on par with Forge World standard, especially the Elysian drop troopers.

If I had to make a criticism I would have to say that I would have liked to have seen more multi-part options. The Wardrones, for example, could have benefited from a separate body and legs. It's a minor issue but I think a lot of people would enjoy the added customization.

Overall I would definitely recommend backing this project, the miniatures are fantastic and are reasonably priced as well. £19.50/$31.24/€24.41 is more than acceptably for 10 finely detailed Marines or Grenadiers. You can save even more money by backing their Kickstarter as well. Simply click to image below to be taken directly to their Project page and pledge your support, but hurry their is only a few days left! Alternatively you can visit their store where you can pick up some of the existing Afterlife range (LINK).

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