Warlord Games will soon be releasing their new Starter Set for their Bolt Action Range. Armoured Fury equips you with everything you need to get started with your own tabletop tank battles. These

  • Bolt Action mini-rulebook
  • Tank War supplement
  • Scenario booklet
  • 3 plastic 1:56 scale M4 Sherman medium tanks
  • 2 plastic 1:56 scale Panther Ausf. A medium tanks
  • 10 six-sided dice
  • 5 Bolt Action Orders Dice
  • Quick reference sheet
  • 60 card Pin Markers and 2 Rulers (need cutting out)

If you'v never played Bolt Action, then the Armoured Fury is a great way to get yourself into it. The 5 plastic tanks allow you to assemble and field two opposing forces in no time. The included scenario booklet includes missions which steadily introduce new elements to the game allowing you to learn as you play.

Existing players will also be attracted to the Tank War supplement that is included in the set. With this set of rules you will be able to engage in vehicle only battles as opposed to the more traditional Infantry based games. The miniatures will also nicely supplement your existing forces as well.

Armoured Fury is currently available for pre-order on the Warlord Games Store and is due for release this month.

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