The Kickstarter project for Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty is in it's final few days and Anvil Industry has been releasing some more CAD previews of their upcoming units.
First up we have the CQB Pattern Goliath, which is the close quarters variant of the Goliath Assault Mech. More heavily armored and armed with close range weapons (including forward facing frag mines) the CQB Pattern Goliath excels in the close confines of the Hyper-Cities.

We continue looking at the Republic Forces with Madison Yoshida and the Support Pulse-Mech. Yoshida is a special character equipped with an exo suit and wielding a formidable looking blade. The Pulse-Mech sports a similar exo suit yet it wields a shoulder mounted missile system. What I really like about these suits are the bundles of fibers which make up the muscle like structure of the suit.

Next up we have the Unity Council APC and is Anvil Industry largest model to date. The APC is covered in armor plates and equipped with a turret mounted twin Smart Grenade launcher.

Finally we have some painted examples of some of the miniatures we covered in our Afterlife Review Article. Seeing them painted (by the Dwartist) really emphasise just how good the quality and detailing is one these miniatures.

The Shards of Liberty Kickstarter project only has 3 days left to go so get your pledges in ASAP. To back this project, or to find out more information, click the image below to be taken directly to the Kickstarter page.

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