Good Monday Morning everyone, its time again for the Weekly White Dwarf leaks and this week I have some very interesting leaks for you. As part of the Warhammer Fantasy End Times series will will be receiving a brand new unit, Putrid Blightkings as well as character to accompany them Gutrot Spume. With names like that its hard to deny their affiliation with Grandfather Nurgle.

The Putrid Blightkings (on sale 18th October) are a 5 man 40mm sized unit and will retail for £33.50/44/$56.

The character, Gutrot Spume, is a clam packed miniature who is most likely a character version of the Blightkings. He will retail at £16/21/$26.

Both of these new releases can be fielded in Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen and Daemons of Chaos forces.

The images, found on Warseer, can be found below:

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