Following yesterdays WD cover reveal of the new Maggoth Lords we have a few more shots and some details of the new miniatures due for pre-order this weekend. From the images we can see that the miniatures have an excellent amount of variation between the three Characters. Much like the Mortarchs, this kit will form an excellent centerpiece for your diseased force.

Archibald_TK from Warseer has the following information to add:
- The character with the two axes is the leader, his axes give him +2S and poisoned attacks. If I remember correctly they all have S6 T5 as base stats, plus a load of W and A. See how ugly his face is?
- The wizard has a cloud of flies that attack units like a shooting attack and count as magical. Also he carries an item that give him +1 to something and -1 to the same thing to all enemy wizards within 12" so I suppose it's to casting checks or whatever wizards do in WFB. He's the one with the stone thrower attack. I'm also pretty sure he's the only one without a 6+ ward save.
- Morbidex Twiceborn is the one I was talking with the regen aura for Nurglings.

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