The Glottkin has been rumoured since its appearence on an GW store poster, well now we have confirmation with the cover of the next issue of White Dwarf being revealed. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce the diseased monstrosity that is, the Glottkin. The slightly blurry image makes is a little hard to see the details but it appears to very similar to the poster, most notably with the 'lamprey hand'.

We also have some details of this weekends preorders courtesy of Felweather over at Warseer:

This weeks pre-orders:
The Glottkin (€86/£66)
Warhammer: Glottkin (Book) (€52/£40)
End Times: The Fall of Altdorf (Black Library)
The Bane of Malekith (Black Library)
There are also two bundles (I'm guessing) for 40K.

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...