There are numerous suppliers of resin bases for your miniatures out there, of various themes, shapes and sizes. However, due to them being cast in resin they are often quite expensive. This makes basing entire forces with interesting and unique bases a costly affair. Well Wargames Bakery have the solution. Their Basius system allows you to easily craft your own excellently detailed bases and their expansion to this range is currently on Kickstarter.

How It Works

Now you're probably wondering what the Basius system actually is. Well allow me to explain. Basius is supplied as pads, which are 'negative' molds. This means that when you press your modelling medium into the pad you get a detailed 'positive'. Now you just leave it to cure and hey presto you have an fantastic looking base for very little effort and just the cost of a lump of Green Stuff. The
pads are resin cast and hard wearing meaning you can use them over and over again.

What's also great about the Basius pads is that they are large and varied enough to allow for 1000's of unique bases. To top it off the pads are also double sided with each side provided different molding options.

For a detailed look at how Basius works take a look at our friend Elstonations review

Basis 2 

The Basius 2 Kickstarter aims to expand the Wargames Bakerys range of existing base molds with a whole plethora of new and interesting themes, some of which can be seen below (positive molds shown)


So if you're fed up with boring bases or paying through the nose for pre-made resin ones then you should definitely check out this Kickstarter. They have already smashed their goal (by more than £36,000!) so you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be successfully funded. However, their are still more bases to be unlocked at £42,000 and you can get them at much cheaper than their RRP so it is still well worth pledging your support. To become a backer simply head over to their Kickstarter Page.

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