As a huge military history nerd the combination of WW2 and Wargaming always intrigued me. Well after much admiration of the Bolt Action range, I have finally taken the plunge and got hold of their starter set. In this article I will be taking a look at its contents and give you some of my thoughts on the miniatures. We have also finally got around to making another video review which accompanies this article.


The D-Day Firefight starter set contains the following:
  • Bolt Action mini rulebook
  • Scenario booklet
  • 1 modular plastic ruined farmhouse
  • 10 plastic multi-pose 28mm German infantry
  • 1 plastic 1:56 scale Sd.Kfz 251/1C Hanomag half-track
  • 20 plastic multi-pose 28mm US Army troops
  • Quick reference sheet
  • 60 Pin Markers
  • 2 Rulers
  • 10 six-sided dice
  • 10 Bolt Action Orders Dice
This is pretty much everything you need to get yourself up and running with some early games. The scenario sheet contains 4 missions to play which act as a tutorial of sorts. Each mission increases the number of units being used and gradually introduces you to the elements of the game.

As a complete Bolt Action novice I found the mini rulebook to be extremely forgiving for the new player. The rules are well laid out with basic rules being introduced at first with the more advanced rules being reserved for later on. I did find that, as some of the basic the concepts are familiar to other wargames such as Warhammer 40k, it was much easier to get a grasp of the rules. The rulebook also contains basic army lists for the US and German forces, allowing you to make a start on your larger collections without having to purchase other rule books first. Dotted throughout are also interesting little tidbits providing information on weapons, battles, vehicles e.t.c of WW2. Similar in the way that a fictional universe would provide background fluff, it really gives you some depth on the units you are fielding. The book is also filled with plenty of artwork and pictures of the miniatures for those looking for inspiration.

As well as the rulebook there is also a quick reference sheet which is invaluable for the new player. Instead of having to flick through the rulebook every few minutes you can quickly glance at the Play Sheet for most of the important rules and charts.


All of the miniatures within the Starter Set are plastic which is great news for those of you addicted to the plastic crack. To top it off, both the US and German infantry are multipart as well meaning you can create some excellent variety in your force. Both of the infantry sprues come loaded with ammo pouches, backpacks and grenades. There are also a choice of heads which also allow you to differentiate the squads NCO (non commissioned officer). The weapons come on their own sprue and give you a vast selection of both personal firearms and squad support weapons. Ammo pouches specific to certain weapons are also included, which is great news for sticklers for historical detail.

The half track has been well designed to allow you to easily assembly it without scrimping on the details. It also comes with a few options in regards to the mounted machine gun. You can choose from either an MG36 or and MG42 with or without a gunner.

Overall the quality of the models is great, at 28mm (heroic) scale it can be hard to achieve a good level of detail. Warlord have risen to the challenge however and have sculpted highly detailed, and historically accurate, miniatures. The casting quality is also impressive, whilst there are the inevitable mold lines to remove they a small enough to not prove problematic.

Video Unboxing


So if, like me, you're a fan of wargaming and WW2 history or if you're simply looking for some excellent quality miniatures to paint then I would highly recommend picking up the Bolt Action starter set. You can play several games straight out of the box to get on your feet and once your ready to expand you have a good core of troops to build on. For 30 multipart/pose infantry, a vehicle, scenery, rules and dice the set is also reasonably priced. 

As my first foray into the world of Bolt Action I have to say I am very pleased and will definitely continue with the series. So expect more un-boxings, reviews and maybe some tutorials as well in the not too distant future.

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