Regardless of the extremely rapid release cycle that Games Workshop has instituted as of late, the Ork codex is still a fairly new addition to the latest line-up of codices for Warhammer 40.000. Lack of codex power aside, the Orks are one of the most fun and customizable armies in the setting and pretty much any inconsistency can be explained with the strangeness of Ork behavior.

This review should have been out a month ago, but issues with my computer, crashes and general tech hell, did almost kill it. Perhaps you'll notice, that all the images are from the Kromlech website. Well, the images I took crashed and burned in "The great crash", so all image credit of course, goes to Kromlech.

Kromlech is one of the top 3rd party producers of everything orky, and for this little review we are taking a closer look at some armored brutes, which will work perfectly for truly 'ard boyz. The Armored Orc smg squad includes nine armored Orks armed with, surprise, a smg, and some heavy armor plates thrown randomly across their bodies in prefect Ork DIY fashion.

The set contains enough heads and extra face plates, to  assemble a varied squad, despite the fact, that the poses are pretty much given, with no great options to change the poses around. Like most, if not all, Kromlech products, they are cast in resin, so be sure to give them a good wash(the soap and water kind), before trying to glue them together. The sculpts are pretty clean, with few mold-lines in need of removal, which makes prepping them for painting a breeze.

The Kromlech Orks do have that typical GW ape-like hunched appearance, which makes them fit an existing Ork force nicely, while still retaining enough character to stand out.
In general the models are nice with adequate detail, without going overboard, which wouldn't fit a simple Ork trooper.

The "nob" or leader of the squad is a fine sculpt too, but I find him a bit too limited with regards to wargear and poses. You are in for some conversion work if you want to field multiple versions of him.
Luckily the standard Games Workshop parts, will fit just perfect.
The thing is though, and this is very subjective, I don't get the same creative vibe from these as I get from almost every other Kromlech model. They are great models, but not pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity and I feel they lack some of the silliness of the other Orks from the range like the greatcoats or the clanking destroyers.

So, do you need to get some armored Orks?
It depends on your force I guess. They are too cost prohibitive to field an entire force(for most of us anyway), but as I said earlier, they work perfectly as 'ard boyz who take the 'ard part seriously.

Should you need some 'ardy Orks, you can get a squad of 10(including a nob) for 37.99 Euros or you local equivalent at the friendly folks over at Kromlech .

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