Its Monday and the leaks are already starting to appear. This week the slow trickle of information brings us confirmation of the long awaited Void Raven. The much desired flyer will be accompanied
by the new Dark Eldar codex and two combo-boxes.

Update 1:

First image leaks of the Voidraven on the cover of White Dwarf and Warhammer Vissions: Source

Felwether over at Warseer has revealed the following details of next weeks Dark Eldar release, no pictures yet unfortunately:
- Codex & Datacards
- Voidraven Bomber €62
- Kabalite Skysplinter (combo box) €45
- Wych Cult Swiftshard (combo box) €45
For those of you unaware of the Void Raven, it is essentially the Dark Eldars sledgehammer and considered (fluff wise) to be the ultimate in heavy weapons deployment by the pale skinned pointy ears.

Presumably the combo boxes are simply troops with transport type affairs, similar to that seen with the Armored Fist squad during the AM re-release.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available throughout the day.

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