Both the Spirit Hosts and Morghasts have already been prematurely revealed in the Warhammer Visions Leaks from last week so there are no new surprises here. However, we do get a better look at the new miniatures as well as some price confirmations and a sneak at the Morghast rules.

The Morghasts come in two varieties, the Archai and the Harbingers both of which can be assembled from the same kit. The former being armed with halberd like weapons and the latter carrying dual blades. Personally I really like the look of these guys. Their aesthetics allow them to be fielded seamlessly with both Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts forces without looking out of place. They will cost £36 / $59 for 2 miniatures.

We will also be receiving a plastic spirit host kit alongside the Morghast which replace the current metal version. I think most people would agree that the new hosts are vast improvement over the old style miniatures and at 3 models for £16 / $26 they are a lot cheaper than the old style hosts as well. My only concern with these miniatures (and most of the other End Times kits) is there durability. The fact that pretty much all of the miniatures are held aloft by only a few spindly strands of plastic does concern me. Still it would be nice to finally get my hands on these kits to see just how robust they really are.

The leaked images of minaitures, due for release on the 13th September can be found over at La Taberna:

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