More images have been leaked from the upcoming White Dwarf showing more of the new Haemonculus and Wracks. Both are indeed in plastic with the Haemonculus being a £15.50/20/$26 clampack and the Wracks retailing at £22/29/$36 for a 5 man multi-part kit. In addition to the new releases we will also be recieving Incubi Darkness as a spray paint and the usual How To Paint digital guide for Wracks.
What is also interesting about the leaked images is that it appears the Wracks kit is compatible with the Ravager and Venom kits allowing you to have them piloted by Wracks instead. 

The 'On Sale' next week section has also been revealed with the line "It came from the Void" being the most telling. There has been much speculation over a Voidraven recently so a plastic incarnation seems most likely. 

Finally, after looking at the images the Grotesque appears to be missing. A Talos is seen so I would expect to see the Grotesque featured alongside its fellow Haemonculus creations as well. Could this be a hint that we will be seeing him in plastic before this release is over? Fingers crossed.

Image Sources: MiniWojna & GrotOrderly

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