With the Second Week of Dark Eldar releases being officially revealed over weekend we are most likely heading towards our final week of releases. Images have already appeared detailing a new Archon and Succubus miniature. It looks like we will be getting more info about these very soon as people begin to receive their copies of White Dwarf early.

The first leak of info confirms the two new HQ miniatures as well as providing some new information regarding the Haemonculus Covens supplement. The following information is from Felwether over at Warseer
Dark Eldar Archon (splinter pistol and huskblade as far as I'm aware) €18
Dark Eldar Succubus €18
Haemonculus Covens (Supplement) €39
Several HH books.

 As always we will continue to add more information to this post as they appear.

Hot On The Wire.

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