Fear and faith is a fun little ruleset, which answers the question, who would win, Dracula or Frankensteins Monster?

Besides being quite silly at times, the rules are simple and easy to learn, but with tons of fun, packed into quick games and a great campaign system.
So without further ado, here is five reasons, why you need to give Fear and Faith a go.

  1. It’s cheap
The rules cost 8 bucks for the pdf and you only need about 3-5 models per side, so the financial strain should be negligible for most of us.

  1. It’s simple
Simple, yet with tactical decisions. The core mechanics of the game works well and floats nicely when playing, and never feels overly complex. To hit, each player rolls a d6 + the characters combat stat, and the one with the highest score wins! Measuring is done with three stick, short, medium and long, which is used throughout the game.
All in all, I find that it is a great gateway game, which can be played with your kids or people who are not usually into wargaming.
The games use an alternative activation mechanic, where you can choose to roll up to three dice, to activate a model. The more successes you roll, the more actions the figure can perform, but if you roll two failures, your turn is over and your opponent can now try to activate his miniatures.

  1. It’s what you want it to be
Simple rules, combined with some great army lists, makes for very open games.
Whether you want to play the last survivors of the post apocalyptic wasteland or to play through your favorite Lovecraftian setting or story, the choice is yours and the rules support a wide range of settings and gaming styles.

  1. It has a campaign system
Taking a warband into battle just becomes even more fun, when they have gotten some experience under the belt.
With fun traits and stat increases, the warband becomes even more unique and helps you, to use a Games Workshop term, to forge a narrative. Add to that, that the games are so fast, that you could play a small campaign during a single evening and you have got tons of entertainment for the approaching cold and dark winter evenings.

  1. Endless modeling and painting opportunities

The varied time periods and enemies you can face in Fear and Faith, gives you the perfect opportunity to buy some unique models or you could go nuts with the conversions and make completely original pieces.

You can buy and download the pdf at:

Hot On The Wire.

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