Greetings all, Geochimp here with another product review. Today we're going to be looking at some laser cut 28mm scale terrain from Wargame Model Mods.

A while back whilst browsing the forums, I saw a thread advertising products from Wargame Model Mods (WMM from here on in), so I got in touch with the owner Tom to see if he'd mind sending some stuff over for us to review. Tom kindly sent over 3 of his kits for me to have a play around with and below are the results.

1: The Factory

First up, we have the factory building. As you can see in the below images, the kit comes pre-cut for you (as do all of them) so there's no faffing about removing pieces from sprues like some other mdf terrain suppliers. That's a big tick in the WMM box for me as I'm a bit cack-handed sometimes and have a habit of snapping thin, fiddly bits of mdf terrain...

When it comes to assembly of WMM's stuff, it's difficult for you to go wrong as the components will only fit in the orientation that they're supposed to. So, even if you lose the instruction sheet, you can still assemble the building without any confusion. And speaking of assembly, all you need is standard PVA glue, some masking tape to help keep stuff in place while the glue dries and a firm, flat surface to assemble it on to make sure everything is square and level. 

The 2nd tick in the WMM box is the speed of assembly. Due to the pieces being pre-cut, it took me about 20mins to assemble this kit, leaving me with this: -

Not bad for 20mins work eh?

2. The Landing Pad

Next up we have the easiest of the 3 kits to assemble, the landing pad. This bad boy took me 10 minutes to put together and I think it makes an effective Skyshield proxy at a fraction of the cost!

3. The Troop Barracks

My favourite of the 3 pieces that Tom sent me is the troop barracks. This is a cracking kit with a surprisingly large footprint. It was the most time consuming to put together, taking me a mammoth 30 minutes to construct! I jest of course, that's a piffling amount of time to take to end up with a quality piece of terrain. 

As you can see, all 3 of the kits have plenty of interesting detail on them. I'm looking forward to getting them painted up and once I have done, I'll of course pop an update online so you all can see the results.

Now, it's not just Imperium-esque terrain that WMM provide. They also do Xenos terrain. That's right folks, tick number 3 incoming. Check out the Eldar temple below, awesome right?!

Oh, and then there's the Necron tomb city: -

WMM also do fantasy buildings, WW2 style bunker complexes, generic Sci-Fi scatter terrain AND 10mm houses so you're pretty much covered.

The final tick in the box, and this is a biggie, is the price. Tom and the guys at WMM are offering this stuff at properly reasonable prices. Take the landing pad for example, WMM's version is £11.99. Yes, you are reading that correctly - £11.99. GW's Skyshield landing pad is £30. So for less than half price you can get effectively the same thing. Bargain.

So there we have it, laser cut terrain from Wargame Model Mods. Affordable, high-quality, attractive terrain. Why not go and have a nose at their offerings over at their website.

Until next time, Geochimp signing out.

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