It seems that those many months of 40k releases have been made up for with a upcoming barrage of new Undead miniatures. These not only include Nagash but also new undead units, plastic spirit hosts and lots of large mounts. However it does appear that (according to leaked images at Grot Orderly) that these will not be appearing in the next WD. Only Nagash will be available for pre-order of the 23rd with the rest of the releases following in the weeks after. This is further confirmed with the fact that these images have been sourced from Warhammer Visions. The vast number of leaked images can be found below:


Unfortunately, do to demands from Games Workshops legal team we have had to remove the images. If you would like to find out more about this you can read our Rant Article which details what was asked of us.

However there are other places that you can find these images, such as Imgur

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Hot On The Wire.

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