Welcome to the fourth installment of the Talk Wargaming Spotlight and this time we have a selection of miniatures submitted by our very own writing team. To get the chance to be featured on our site simply drop email your work to us at talkwargaming@gmail.com, post them to our Facebook page or tweet with the #TWGSpotlight hastag. Submissions can be related to any Wargaming system just as long as they are painted, not blurry and are Safe For Work. Lets take a look at this weeks picks.

imm0rtal reaper - Tau Battlesuit

What really caught my own about imm0rtal reapers submission was the dynamic posture. This suit looks as though it is leaping it action. The excellent effect of battle damage shows that this isn't the first time he has done this either.

Pimpcron - Nicodem & Punk Zombies (Malifaux)

Time for a miniature that isn't from Games Workshop, Pimpcron work on Nicodem and the Punk Zombie really shows off just how detailed the Malifaux range is. I especially like the shading on the zombies skin, the putrid grey tone really gives you a sense of rotting flesh.

Elliot - Dark Eldar Scourges

Next up we have some Elliot's Scourges, the glowing blue of the eyes and weapons really contrasts well with the black armor and dark wings. One of the smaller details that I particularly like is the pallid clawed of the left Scourge. 

Geochimp - Salamander Sternguard Veteren

Geochimp proves that in the Grim Dark Future you don't have to be Grim and Dark yourself. The colors of this Sternguard Veteren are rich and vivid. The Salamander green really works well, and provides an a great contrast with the red helmet.

Peter Harrison - Imperial Knight

Finally we have my own submission, an Imperial Knight affiliated with the Adeptus Mechanicus. I chose the color scheme based on Forge Worlds Horus Heresy Ad Mech units and think I managed to replicate it quite well.

So thats all for this edition of Talk Wargaming Spotlight. If you would like to see your miniatures on our site then get in touch via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

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