Time it seems flies when you're not having fun, hard to believe its now July and I've not updated this since February!!!

*takes a deep breath*

Here goes!

What is the Talk Wargaming Blog Network?

The Talk Wargaming Blog Network differs from the rest as you don't simple place an image on your site, you place a small piece of code that updates periodically with every post from the sites within the network. In essence the Talk Wargaming Blog Network is an extra "blogroll" that you place on your site. So instead of simply having an image pointing to the "host" site where your posts will be displayed, your posts will display upon every single site within the network. Think of the TWG Blog Network as a web of interconnecting links that place your content far and wide.

How To Join The Network

For those wondering how to join the network please head over to the TWG Blog Network page for the run down, codes and steps needed to participate.

New Members 

This time around we have four new members, including one of the big players and 3 fantastic blogs that you need to check out.

  1. Leyzer: Warhammer & Airsoft Battles
  2. The Dice Gods 
  3.  Shattered-Sword Painting 
  4. Those Once Loyal
  5. Brushes, Bases and Blast Markers 
  6. The Screaming Heretic!   
  7. Spielbrett
  8. The Grinning Skull 

The Talk Wargaming Blog Network Overall Members

  1. Of Wolf and Raven 
  2. The Anarchy of Anton! 
  3. Dice and Brush
  4. Facing the Grey Tide  
  5. How to Lose at 40k
  6. Bloody Dice
  7. Children of the Warp
  8. Hard Edge Painting
  9. Chronowraiths Corner
  10. 40k Warzone
  11. Crucible of Fate
  12. The Hobbynomicon
  13. My Wargame
  14. Gone Wild 40k
  15. Cadian 127th
  16. Modelling for Disadvantage
  17. SkaredCast
  18. Wolves in Arms
  19. Hudson
  20. Verminchild
  21. Power Armoured Metal
  22. Demi Morganas Hobby Log
  23. Bill's Raving Rant
  24. The Burning Eye
  25. A Small World - My Life in Miniatures
  26. Deadzone: Recon
  27. Da Mek Shop 
  28. Paradox0ns Wargaming Blog  
  29. GMorts Chaotica
  30. South Mississippi Gamers
  31. Skulkers Surprise 
  32. Sepulchre of Heroes
  33. Battlepainted
  35. The Fraying Paintbrush
  36. Leyzer: Warhammer & Airsoft Battles
  37. The Dice Gods 
  38.  Shattered-Sword Painting 
  39. Those Once Loyal
  40. Brushes, Bases and Blast Markers 
  41. The Screaming Heretic!   
  42. Spielbrett 
  43. The Grinning Skull

Be Fair to your Fellow Members

May I also remind everyone that to be a part of the network you must display the feed. It's unfair to participate in the shared visitors and neglect to place the clickable posts feed on your own site. Please respect that.

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...