Welcome one and all to another look at the hottest wargaming crowd funding projects this week!

We've got 4 awesome projects for you to sink your gaming teeth into this week, so let's begin!

To start us off we're looking at Operation Babylon by Dust Studios. This kickstarter is funding a new campaign book for the game, as well as allowing people to pick up the new Dust Tactics rulebook which includes Dust Battlefield; a new way of playing Dust that removes the grid and turns it into a regular full scale wargame.

The models, like all the Dust range, look fantastic. And they come pre-primed too, meaning you can get them on the table even faster!

Of course, infantry aren't the main reason people love Dust; that would be the Mechs and walkers. These awesome models even come articulated in many cases!

At the time of writing, Dust is less than $200 away from $300,000. And with project not ending until 9:28pm BST on Thursday, June 19th, there's plenty of time to go!

Next up we have the Kuzaarik Forgers by DGS games. This band of Dwarven adventurers is perfect for any dungeon crawler or fantasy game.

The concepts are translating really nicely into the sculpts and producing some excellent looking stunties!

The 6 model starter set is reasonably priced and would be a great starting point if you were a Dwarf party for an RPG.

The project will end at 06:37am BST on Wednesday, June 18th. They still need $500 to hit their goal, so get over and help them out!

Next we delve into the depths of space to find the Fallen Frontiers by Scale Games.

The models look fantastic. Full of nice details and very crisp!

They've got stretch goals planned all the way up to £200,000, and if they are all reached, it would add over 30 models to the eligible pledges for free! (unless we've grossly misunderstood their stretch goal graphic)

The project ends at 05:00am BST on Saturday, June 28th.

Of course, you'll need some scenery to play FF on, so why not head over and check out Sci-Fi Scenics by TTCombat.

This campaign is funding a new range of laser cut MDF scenery and accessories. You all know how much I love laser cut terrain, especially when it comes in the form of a NOODLE BAR!

Perfect for pretty much any near future or science fiction setting, the campaign has all the bases covered. Need something to power your laser cut city, no problem:

How cool is that?! Sci-Fi Scenics has already beaten their modest starting goal and have 23 days until the project ends at 1:42pm BST on July 6th, so there's plenty of time to pledge, and plenty more to be unlocked!

That's all from me for another week guys. Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend.

Happy gaming!

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