It is time for our third serving of Talk Wargaming Spotlight, our theme this week was conversions and we have had some excellent submissions. To get the chance to be featured on our site simply post them to our Facebook page. Alternatively you can tweet your pics, making sure to include #TWGSpotlight. Submissions can be related to any Wargaming system just as long as they are painted, not blurry and are Safe For Work. Lets take a look at this weeks picks.

Peder Bartholdy - Nurgle Obliterators

Peder has not only devoted his Obliterators to Nurgle with some rather nifty Green Stuff work he has also straightened the legs to provide a much taller mini. You can find a comparison shot with a standard Obliterator HERE and you cannot deny that that Peders look much more imposing.

Benjamin Sephton-Smith - Doomwing of Tzneetch

Its always good to see Epic scale units make there way up to full scale and this Doomwing of Tzeentch is no exception. Benjamin has made excellent use of a Valkyrie to form the basic structure of his Daemonic flyer and his excellent paint job pays homage the classic colors of the Epic scale Doomwing.

Alex Wogg‎ - Storm Wolf

Alex Woggs Storm Wolf walker conversion is sure to strike fear in its opponents as it towers over them. The rather interesting combination of Dreadknight and Stormtalon has resulted in a unique and great looking walker. Throw some arms on that guy and you could easily make a table top version of Titanfall.

If your submission did not appear in this weeks Talk Wargaming Spotlight then do not worry, there will be plenty more opportunities to come. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook page to be kept up to date with any new submission windows. If you would have any ideas for themes then leave them in the comments.

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