You may remember our interview with Mierce Miniatures a few weeks ago in which we discussed their
kickstarter campaign. Well since then I have managed to get my hands on some miniatures from their Darklands range and I have to say, I am very impressed by what I received. As a result I thought that I would share my thoughts on the miniatures, first up is Malacant, servile champion of Dis.

Malacant is a part of the Infernii who have allied themselves with the remnants of the Roman Empire. This alliance is apparent on the model in the form of the Roman armaments. The square shield and the armor plates are very reminiscent of an ancient Roman Gladiator. What I also like about this miniature is the bestial nature of Malacant, his body is very similar to that of a Minotaur yet is head and wings suggest a more demonic nature. It is clear that the miniature draws heavy influences from both ancient Greek mythology as well as the traditional daemons of Christianity.

The Kit

So on to the kit itself, the miniature comes un-assembled and is made of resin. It has to be said that the resin cast is of excellent quality. The material is strong but not brittle, it easily out classes Finecast and even gives Forgeworld a run for their money. There was also little in the way of mold lines or flashing which makes it much easier to clean and prepare to model.

I was blown away by the level of detail present on this miniature. One such example is the skin, it is all too common for miniature manufacturers to simply have smooth and featureless skin which just looks flat unless exceptionally painted. In the case of Malacant, his skin is covered in creases and folds as really gives the impression of a tough and leathery hide. There are also such details as veins and scars which really make this model seems more realistic. What I find is a nice touch is the damage to the armor plates. These small nicks and dents help to create the sense that his armor is not new from the forge, it has seen battle and has the scars to prove it.

I imagine that a number of you reading this article will be interested in using it as a proxy for other games, such as Warhammer Fantasy, and would like the get a better sense of the scale. Well as you can see in the video, he towers above a roughly space marine sized miniature. As a result he would make an excellent alternative to a Daemon Price or Greater Daemon. I for one will be employing him as a Bloodthirster, the horned head, aggressive posture and leathery wings are all reminiscent of a servant of Khorne.


To conclude I have to say that for my first Darklands miniature I am very impressed. Following my first glimpse of the completed miniature I really liked the look of the model but after receiving one of my own I was amazed by the level of detail present. The design of the miniature is familiar yet unique and would make an excellent centerpiece to any collection.

If you would like to get your hands on your very own Malacant or browse Mierce Miniatures other excellent models you can visit their store HERE.

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