Now that that's out of my system, let's look at the first codex of 7th edition.

The biggest thing to note is that the Ork codex has a number of changes in how it's laid out when compared to the last couple of editions. For starters, there is no longer a seperate section of the codex for the unit bestiary as it is now combined with the army list section. Army rules, as well as the codex specific FOC and wargear rules are all after the new combined section (which is still after faction fluff and model pictures) putting them at the rear of the book. Because of this I will not be tackling the book in order but approaching it in the same sort of layout I've done in the past and go through the book and stick my thoughts in along the way. So let's get started!

Art and Background

As has been the standard in 6th, the art is once again in full color and personally I think it looks pretty good. Here's an example from one first bits of art you see in the book (and it's also the image that is used for the inside cover pages):

The lore doesn't get the short ed of the stick though with pages detailing each of the different Ork Clans (to include Freebooterz), Waaaghs (to include a couple of examples), and even the Ork Glyphs make a return:

All around I feel GW did a good job covering everything, though your mileage on how well it conveys Orks may vary, there is at least a lot to choose from when it comes to picking the fluff you like.

Model Gallery

The model gallery was pretty decent too, assuming you don't mind Bad Moons as they're the showcase army this time it seems (they're my favorite clan so I didn't mind, but the paint could use some more weathering for my taste).

Army Special Rules

Ork Special Rules

'Ere We Go: If every model in the unit has this rule the unit can re-roll a single die when determining its charge range (honestly I like this one, it let's Orks get stuck in better and more consistently. The only downside is that it replaced Waaagh! as an army rule (the Warboss still has it as a rule though, it's just not an army rule)).

Mob Rule: If every model in the unit has this rule and it fails a Morale or Pinning test (after any re-rolls they may have) roll on the following table (honestly this is my least favorite change, mostly because Ork leadership is still not that great (7 for most of the codex) and this rule inflicts extra hurt on the units):
  • 1 Born to Fight: If the unit is locked in combat it is treated as having passed the Morale check or Pinning test. If it is not locked in combat it fails the Morale check or Pinning test.
  • 2-3 Breaking Heads: If the unit contains one or more Ork characters (to include Independent Characters) it suffers D6 S4, AP- hits (which are randomly allocated to anyone who isn't a character) and counts as passing the Morale or Pinning test. If the unit doesn't contain a character they count as failing the Morale or Pinning test.
  • 4-6 Squabble: If the unit has 10 or more model it suffers D6 S4, AP- hits (which are allocated randomly) and counts as passing the Morale or Pinning test. If the unit numbers less than 10 models it fails the Morale check or Pinning test.
Warlord Traits:
  •  1 Prophet of the Waaagh!: Warlord gains the Waaagh! rule. If the Warlord already has the rule then all friendly models with the 'Ere We Go! rule become Fearless when he calls a Waaagh! until the start of their next turn. (I like this a nice buff as it helps mitigate the leadership issues the army has, at least for a turn)
  • 2 Bellowing Tyrant: The Warlord and all friendly units with the Orks Faction withing 12" of him re-roll failed Morale checks and Pinning checks. (again, another good one, perhaps better than the first thanks to it lasting longer than a turn)
  • 3 Like a Thunderbolt!: The Warlord and all friendly units within the Ork Faction within 12" of him can re-roll all dice when determining Run moves or charge ranges. (another good one as it makes it possible for the army to get in to bash some heads more consistently and easier)
  • 4 Brutal but Kunnin': The Warlord can re-roll one fail To Hit or To Wound roll each turn. (less army buffing but not too bad since this works for shooting and melee)
  • 5 Kunnin' but Brutal: The Warlord can re-roll one failed armour or Invulnerable save each turn (between the two re-roll skills I prefer this one, mostly because I want my Warlord to stay alive, but that's just a preference thing)
  • Might is Right: The Warlord receives +1 Strength to his profile (not bad, especially since it puts a Warboss at S6 to start with, giving you more leway on how you want to equip him if you don't want to use the Power Klaw)
Powers of the WAAAGH!: Ork Codex Powers are back! Are they any good? Let's see:
  • (Primaris) Frazzle: WC1 Witchfire, 24", S6, AP3, Assault 1 Blast (Good solid shooty power for Orks, with the way Psychic powers work now it's pretty much a given you'll have this one to work with as long as you go full Ork powers)
  • 1 'Eadbanger: WC1 Focused Witchfire, 24" range, target must pass a Toughness test or suffer a Wound with no armour or cover saves allowed
  • 2 Warpath: WC1 Blessing that targets the Psyker and his unit. All modes in the unit with the 'Ere We Go special rule gain +1 attack.
  • 3 Da Jump: WC1 Blessing that targets the Psyker and his unit. Remove the unit from the board and place them back on the table following the deep strike rules (the rule doesn't say "deploy" anymore like other similar powers do) if you scatter and roll doubles then the unit can only make snap shots until the start of its next turn (good mobile power that can really help shuffle some things around. And of course Orks don't normally care if they have to make snap shots so it's not a huge problem if you roll doubles when scattering).
  • 4 Killbolt: WC2 Beam 18", S10, AP2 Assault 1 (good power, fair costing for the casting and all around I like this one a lot)
  • 5 Power Vomit: WC2 Witchfire Template, S7, AP2, Assault 1 (a little short range for my taste but I rather like it. If you're in range to use it then it's a good power to use).
  • 6 Da Krunch: WC2 Witchfire 24", S2d6*, AP4, Assault 1, Large Blast, Barrage, *When rolling for strength if you roll an 11 or 12 resolve it at S10 and make another attack with this power, if you roll 11 or 12 again and so on until you roll a 10 or less, or the original target is completely destroyed (This power is potentially extremely brutal but not unfair. I rather like it but am more likely to rely on the other Witchfires over this if I were to use Weirdboys).
Ork Horde Detachment: A new detachment the army can use instead of being Battle Forged this detachment aims at trying to fully capture the feeling of a proper Ork Horde. Requiring 1 HQ and 3 Troops to start with it expands on the traditional FOC by allowing up to a total of 3HQs, 9 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attacks, 3 Heavy Supports, 1 Fortification and 1 Lord of War per detachment. So if you've got the points for it you can drop 270 Ork Boyz onto the table per detachment (of course you run a very high risk of running out of deployment space but that's a fair trade in my book). Just don't expect the game to be quick if you do that. If you use this detachment the following benefits are conveyed:
  • Boss of Da Waaagh!: If this detachment is chosen as your primary detachment then the you can re-roll the Warlord traits when rolling on the table from the Orks codex (decent enough as it gives the same benefit as the Battle Forged list).
  • The Greenskin Hordes: Units that have 10 or more models when they declare a charge (this still applies even if casualties from Overwatch or Dangerous Terrain, ect reduce the unit to below 10 models) and roll a 10 or higher (before modifiers such as Difficult Terrain) for their charge distance have the Hammer of Wrath special rule for their charge as long as they successfully make the charge (while it's no Objective Secured, it does give those large Ork hordes a nice buff to their combat ability and fits the Ork mentality (at least in my mind) so it's a fair trade. They punch more instead of hold objectives more). 
Ork Tactical Objectives: These replace some of the objectives in the from the Tactical Objectives list, to be specific numbers 11-16:
  • 11 More Dakka!: Score 1 VP at the end of the the turn if at least one unit was destroyed in the during your Shooting phase.
  • 12 Get 'Em Boss!: Score 1 VP at the end of your turn if your Warlord killed an opponent in a challenge. If it was the enemy Warlord score D3 VP instead
  • 13 Stomp 'Em Boyz!: Score 1 VP at the end of your turn if at least one enemy unit was completely destroyed at the end of your turn. If 3-5 units were destroyed score D3 instead. If 6 or more units were destroyed score D3+3 instead.
  • More Speed, Go Fasta!: Score 1 VP at the end of your turn if at least 3 Ork units Turbo-boosted, went Flat Out or Ran 6" or more during your turn.
  • Grab Da Loot!: Roll a D6 when this objective is generated. At the end of your turn score a VP if you control the objective that corresponds to that D6 result.
  • 'Ere We Go! WAAAGH!: Score 1 VP if you successfully charged with an Ork unit and the distance rolled for the charge was 10 or more (even if you didn't have to move the full distance to complete the charge). If 3 or more Ork units did this then score D3 VP instead.

Orks Wargear

There is a LOT to cover here so let's just get to it:

Melee Weapons

  • Buzzsaw: Sx2, AP2, Melee, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon (mounted on the Deffkopta Buzzsaw its a pretty a good melee weapon on a Jetbike. Mileage may vary on how good or bad you feel that is)
  • Choppa: S User, AP -, Melee (basically, no change, sorry internet!)
  • Big Choppa: S+2, AP5, Melee, Two-Handed (holy crap it has an AP value! This is probably the best thing that could have happened to this weapon)
  • Mega-Choppa: SD, AP1, Melee (Don't worry, it's a Stompa only accessory. Yes I said STOMPA. It's in the book).
  • Grabba Stikk: S User, AP -, Melee, Throttle: When the wielder fights in a challenge his opponent reduces his Attacks characteristic by 1 (to a minimum of 1) (not bad, just not really my favorite of the Runtherder options)
  • Grot-Prod: S User, AP -, Melee, High Voltage: The wielder can trade their normal attacks for a single attack at double their strength (to a maximum of 10). The attack is resolved as normal. (Honestly I like this one better just because S10 has so many more uses than -1 Attack).
  • Killsaw: Sx2, AP2, Melee, Armourbane, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy (Orks got access to Chainfists finally, what's not to love?)
  • Power Klaw: Sx2, AP2, Melee, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon (Once a classic, still a classic and likely one weapon that isn't going away from people's lists anytime toon)
  • Kan Klaw: S+2, AP2, Melee (different from the more traditional powerfist or DCCW options that we usually see on walkers I don't dislike this. It's a nice difference that may have knocked the total strength down a bit for the Kans, but it works well regardless)
  • Klaw of Gork (or possible Mork): S10, AP1, Melee, Concussive (brutal and looking like a lot of fun. This is a nice option for the Gork/Morkanaughts and that high strength gives them something decent to work with if they get stuck in)
  • Tankhammer: S8, AP3, Melee, Two-Handed, Unwieldy (with the changes to Tankbustas (more on that later) this is a pretty solid weapon that can have a fair amount of use on the table)
  • 'Urty Syringe: S User, AP -, Melee, Poisoned (4+) (still a decent poisoned weapon for those delightful Odd Boyz)
  • Weirdboy Staff: S+2, AP4, Melee, Force, Two-handed (Orks finally got a Force Weapon AND it's not all that bad, being a Force Staff and all)

Ranged Weapons

  • Bigbomm: Range -, S4, AP5, Bomb 1, Large Blast, One Use Only (the bomb option for the Deffkopta. Honestly not bad, especially if you can get good use of it early in the game)
  • Boom Bomb: Range -, S7, AP2, Bomb 1, Armourbane, Large Blast, Skreamin' Secent, One Use Only (the same bomb that the Blitzbomba has now, down to the same table)
  • Burna Bomb: Range 1, S5, AP4, Bomb 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover, One Use Only (Decent bomb option for the codex, especially if you need something to help thin out cover hugging Pathfinders and the like)
  • Burna: Shooting: Template, S4, AP5, Assault 1; Melee: S User, AP3, Melee, Two-Handed (Well it doesn't cut through Terminator armour anymore, but it's still not a bad option, especially in a unit full of them)
  • Skorcha: Template, S5, AP4, Assault 1 (Basically it's a heavy flamer, and I personally love heavy flamers)
  • Skorcha Missile: 24", S5, AP4, Heavy 1, Blast, Ignores Cover, One Use Only (This makes my Sisters army extremely jealous. I think it's just awesome and has a nice mental image of the missle exploding into extra large fireballs)
  • Bubblechukka: 36", SD6*, APD6*, Heavy 1, Large Blast, *Roll only once per shooting phase to determine both the Strength and the AP value after choosing your target (not my favorite of the Mek Gunz. I suppose it's a decent anti-infantry tool if you roll high enough, but the more likely it is to wound things the less effective it is at bypassing armor)
  • Dakkagun: 18", S5, AP5, Assault 3 (Decent range, strength and rate of fire mixed with an okay AP value makes this a nice weapon for Ork Bikes)
  • Deff Kannon: 72", S10, AP1, Primary Weapon 1, Massive Blast (A big, nasty cannon for killing things with. Comes standard on a Stompa unless you use the Forge World Kustom Stompa Rules)
  • Deffgun: 48", S7, AP4, Heavy D3 (roll once each time the unit makes a shooting attack after the target has been chosen) (That's right, Deffguns are still awesome)
  • Grot Blasta: 12", S3, AP -, Assault 1 (Basically a laspistol for the Grots, nothing too amazing but in large enough number they can be effective I suppose)
  • Grotzooka: 18", S6, AP5, Heavy 2, Blast (One of the options for equipping on your Killa Kans this has been a favorite of mine for a while. While short ranged it's got a good statline, and it just looks cool with that hopper full of random metal bits filling it)
  • Kannon: Frag: 36", S4, AP5, Heavy 1, Blast; Krak: 36", S8, AP3, Heavy 1 (availably on a LOT of things in the army it's basically the same as the Space Marine Missile Launcher and just as versatile)
  • Killkannon: 24", S7, AP3, Ordnance 1, Large Blast (Never really a bad option, though some might find other options more to their taste)
  • Kombi-Weapons: No changes here in how they work.
  • Kustom Mega-slugga: 12", S8, AP2, Pistol, Gets Hot (Think Plasma Pistol with a bonus to strength and your set)
  • Kustom Mega-blasta: 24", S8, AP2, Assault 1, Gets Hot (Trades Rapid Fire from the Plasma Gun (while keeping its maximum effective range) for Assault 1 and +1 S, if you like your weapons lethal to both the target and the shooter than you might like this)
  • Kustom Mega-kannon: 36", S8, AP2, Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Hot (Okay, the comparison to Plasma weapons breaks down here a little since it's 12" shorter range than a Plasma Cannon, but it's still a good choice for people who like those kinds of weapons)
  • Lobba: 48", S5, AP5, Heavy 1, Barrage, Blast (It's a mortar and it makes things die, Not a bad.option to field but some of the other ones might be better since Orks can do anti-Infantry in a lot of ways and this doesn't really expand to other roles beyond that).
  • Rokkit Launcha: 24", S8, AP3, Assault 1 (Basically it fires Krak Missles and only Krak Missles. great option for large mobs who want to try cracking transports before assaulting their squishy occupants, but that is a subjective taste thing)
  • Shokk Attack Gun: 60", S2D6, AP2, Ordnance 1, Large Blast (mostly unchanged from past versions the only new thing is when you roll double-6 for the strength it no longer removes models from play but instead gains the Vortex rule)
  • Shoota: 18", S4, AP6, Assault 2 (Looks like Shoota Boyz are still decent!)
  • Big Shoota: 36", S5, AP5, Assault 3 (If you liked these before you're still like them, and vice versa)
  • Supa Shoota: 36", S6, AP4, Assault 3 (the weapon of choice for the Dakkajet and I still like it)
  • Deffstorm mega-shoota: 36", S6, AP4, Heavy 3D6 (Pride and joy of the Gorkanaught. Either hilariously effective, piddly or somewhere in between)
  • Slugga: 12", S4, AP6, Pistol (The standard side arm of the Choppa Boy and not that many else)
  • Smasha Gun: 36", SD6+4 (roll after choosing a target when shooting), AP1, Heavy 1 (It's a little iffy on how well it'll be with it ranging from S5-10 each time you shoot, but it's not a horrible weapon just an unreliable one)
  • Snazzgun: 24", S5, APD6 (choose target than roll once for the unit), Assault 3 (a much improved version of the Snazzgun of old this updated version may be the thing to allow Flash Gitz to see the table more often)
  • Supa-Gatler: 48", S7, AP3, Heavy 2D6, Psycho-Dakka-Blasta! (makes 3 consecutive shooting attacks each time it's fired), Whirrr Click-click (if doubles are rolled on any shooting attack following the first it runs out of ammo and cannot fire again for the remainder of the battle (so it'll fire at least twice)) (It's...okay. I don't like that there isn't a way to reload the Supa-gatler later in the game or that it doesn't just run out of ammo for that turn but it's the rules its always had so I can't be too mad I guess. It comes standard on the Stompa)
  • Supa-Rokkit: Infinite Range, S8, AP3, Heavy 1, Large Blast, One Use Only (Another Stompa Weapon, this time those large rokkits that are mounted onto it. Great range, good statline and the Large Blast make them pretty useful, albeit limited in quantity).
  • Tellyport Blasta: 12", S8, AP2, Assault 1, Blast, Tellyported (To Wound Rolls of a 6 have the Instant Death special rule, and automatically deal a penetrating hit on vehicles regardless if they rolled higher than the vehicle's armour value or not) (one of the weapons for the Big Mek in Mega Armour and it's pretty awesome. I'll admit it's pretty short ranged, but still it has a good statline and can outright murder the target with a little luck)
  • Traktor Kannon: 36", S8, AP3, Heavy 1, Skyfire, Traktor (When shooting a Zooming Flyer it automatically deals an Immobilised result in addition to any other effects when it scores a glancing or penetrating hit. Against Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures if they suffer 1 or more wounds against this weapon it suffers a -3 penalty to its Grounded test)
  • Zzap Gun: 36", S2D6, AP2, Heavy 1, Zzap, Gets Hot (It not longer automatically removes a crew member when you roll over 10 for strength and instead Gets Hot on a 1,2, or 3. Gets Hot gets resolved against the crew. When used on a vehicle and getting a glancing or penetrating hit it automatically does a Crew Shaken result in addition to any other effects) (while I like that it doesn't automatically kill a crew member, I don't really like the

Runts & Squigs

  • Ammo Runt: One Use Only. A model with an ammo runt can re-roll one To-Hit Roll when shooting.
  • Attack Squig: Re-roll one To-Hit roll in close combat each turn.
  • Bomb Squig: One Use Only. A model with a Bomb Squig can use a shooting attack with the following profile (this shooting attack can not be Snap Fired, nor used against Flyers, Flying Monstrous Creatures or Skimmers): 18", S8, AP4, Assault 1, Scuttle Scuttle Blam! (always hits on a 2+) One use oly.
  • Grot Oiler: One Use Only. A grot oiler allows a Mek to re-reroll a failed Mek's Tools repair roll.
  • Grot Orderly: One use only. A grot orderly allows a Painboy's unit to re-roll a single Feel No Pain roll.
  • Squig Hound: Each time a unit with a squig hound fails a Morale check it suffers D6 Strength 3, AP - hits and must then re-roll the failed Morale check (if the re-roll is failed then the Morale check is failed with no further re-rolls or hits inflicted).

Orky Know-Wots

  • Stikkbombs: See Assault Grenades
  • Tankbusta bombs: See Melta bombs
  • Bosspole: If a unit contains at least one Bosspole it may reroll on the Mob Rule table as long as the current result isn't Breaking Heads. The re-roll must be accepted. (Not as good as the old rule in my opinion but then again Breaking Heads is what the Bosspole used to do)
  • Cybork Body: 6+ Feel No Pain (No more Invulnerable Save honestly BITES. I'm not against it being Feel no Pain but it's also now really limited on who can get it (only models who can take "Orky Know-Wots" have access to it). At least it's only half the cost of a Meltagun).
  • Dok's Tools: Gives the unit feel no pain as long as the model who has these is alive (so yes, the worry about the Painboys being nerfed is no longer something to worry about, they're still handing out FnP the old fashioned way)
  • Gitfinda: A model who has a Gitfinda that remains stationary is BS3 until end of turn (one of the Flash Gitz options and one I rather like. It's very fitting for them I think).
  • Kustom Force Field: The bearer, and all models within 6" reveive a 5+ Invulnerable save. If the bearer is in a vehicle the vehicle gets it instead (so a small buff and a large nerf. While the Invulnerable save is nice, the nerf to how it works for vehicles and it being models and not units really makes it hard to imagine many of these being run around the board anymore beyond to protect transports or on the Morkanaught)
  • Mek's Tools: Allows the bearer to repair a friendly vehicle on a 5+ instead of shooting. Can restore a Hull Point, repair a Weapon Destroyed result OR an Immobilized result. This is effective immediately (Not bad honestly, nice and versatile).
  • Rokkit Pack: A model with this gain the Jump type and can run 2D6" instead of 1D6". Every model with a Rokkit Pack that does so much make a Dangerous Terrain test (In someways it's better than losing a model out right, and dangerous terrain tests aren't as bad as they used to be, on the other hand it's easier to lose multiple models at the same time now too).
  • Waaagh! Banner: Models in a unit with a Waaagh! Banner add +1 to their Weapon Skill in their profile (simple, decently useful for a punchy unit that can take it, I dig it)
  • Warbike: Changes the mode's unit to Bike, gives the model a 4+ Armour Save and when turboboosting the model counts its cover save as one higher than normal. Comes with a twin-linked Dakkagun (the buffed cover save is nice but it's sad to see them lose the "always on" version. Guess that's basically replaced by Jink so it's not really that huge of a deal)


  • 'Eavy Armour: 4+ Armour Save (no change here)
  • Mega Armour: 2+ Armour Save, also gives Bulky and Slow and Purposeful to the model as well (no real change either)

Ork Vehicle Equipment

  • 'Ard Case: Vehicles with this upgrade are no longer open topped. They gain fire points and access points based on the vehicle's datasheet entry. (basically no changed)
  • Boarding Plank: +2" to the unit's charge distance on the turn it dismounts to a maximum of 12" (if the vehicle is Open Topped) (I like this one! Who doesn't want to have minimum of a 4" charge range (not counting that re-roll!) to help you get stuck in, or negate the effects of Difficult Terrain on your charge distance?)
  • Deff Rolla: Vehicle with this counts its front armour as being 2 higher than normal when ramming. A unit that makes a Death or Glory attack and fails takes D3 S10, AP4 hits in addition to the damage they suffer for failing the attack. And a vehicle with the Deff rolla can re-roll failed Dangerous Terrain tests (They nerfed the hits on a unit that Death or Glories and changed the ramming effect (though a Battle Wagon basically being AV16 when it rams is pretty funny) so it feels less powerful than before. I'm sure we'll still be seeing them on the table, but maybe not in as great numbers)
  • Grabbin' Klaw: At the beginning of the enemy Movement phase nominate a single enemy vehicle within 2" of the vehicle's grabbin' klaw. On a 4+ that vehicle may not move this turn. Doesn't work on Skimmers or Flyers. (I don't see this being taken too often honestly. I am willing to be wrong but I just don't see a lot of use for this)
  • Flyboss: A vehicle with this upgrade is BS3 when shooing at Jetbikes, Skimmers, Flyers or Flying Monstrous Creatures (Definitely a good choice for the Dakkajet)
  • Grot Riggers: Vehicles with these have It Will Not Die (Meet your new automatic upgrade on the more expensive vehicle options, not to mention the Gork/Morkanaughts)
  • Red Paint Job: +1" when moving flat out (a very small change but one that definitely affects the army since that means you can only use this in the Shooting Phase when you go Flat Out and not in the movement phase to try and close the gap a little more before your models pile out and try to get stuck in)
  • Reinforced Ram: +2 FA when Ramming, re-rolls Dangerous Terrain Tests (This one might pop up a little more thanks to it make Ork vehicles good at plowing through other vehicles).
  • Stikkbomb Chukka: Vehicle is armed with stikkbombs, and any unit that is disembarking from the vehicle counts as having Stikkbombs for the remainder of the turn (not bad, but not immensely useful unless the Orks REALLY need to go first against an enemy unit for some reason)
  • Wreckin' Ball: 3", S9, AP3, Assault D3 (very short ranged shooting attack for Trukks it looks like)

Gifts of Gork and Mork

  • Da Finkin' Cap: Wearer generates an additional Warlord Trait from the Strategic table in the core rulebook. If they already have that Warlord Trait re-roll until it's one they don't have (at the price of a meltagun this is cheap enough to slap onto pretty much every Warlord just for the extra options)
  • Warboss Gazbag's Blitzbike: Warbike that Turbo-boosts 18" instead of 12" and has Kustom Dakkablastas with the following profile: 24", S6, AP3, Assault 3 (if you're going to give your Warboss a bike it's worth it to spend the extra 10 points and give him this one instead)
  • Da Lucky Stikk: All models in the unit get +1 WS (doesn't stack with the Waaagh! Banner) and the bearer can choose to re-roll any failed To-Hit, To-Wound or saving throws they make. If the re-rolls fail 3 or more times in the same turn though remove the model as a casualty with no saves of any kind (I rather like this one as it buffs a unit and gives re-rolls. Also costs as much as a Power Fist and despite being fluffed as being used as a Bosspole it doesn't serve as one).
  • Headwoppa's Killchoppa: S+2, AP5, Melee, Decapitating Strike (To-Wound rolls of a 6 have Instant Death), Rending, Two-Handed (Basically a super-big choppa. Any model that you'd give a Big Choppa to who can take this I'd take this instead)
  • Da Fixer Upperz: Repairs vehicles on a 3+ (Super Mek tools for those who are using their Meks to keep their Battlewagons moving)
  • Da Dead Shiny Shoota: 18", S4, AP6, Assault 6, Stray-Shot (for each miss (after re-rolls) roll a D6, for each 1 a friendly unit in 6" (not the unit that the firer (or the firer himself) is in) chosen by opponent suffers as single S4, AP6 hit as if they were shot by the Da Dead Shiny Shoota (for half the cost of a meltagun this isn't a bad option to stick on a model, especially if the unit isn't going to be that close to other units).

Army List

In the interest of keeping this short I'm just going to stick to changes from here on our from the last codex, and any comments I have. 


  • Warboss: Can't choose to take a Shoota. Waaagh! now allows models to assualt even if they've run the turn its called. Doesn't make Nobz troops (still a solid HQ option outside of that though)
  • Weirdboy: -10 points cheapter, upgrade to level 2 Psyker is -5 from previous codex (not the FAQ), Waaagh! Energy: The Weirdboy generates +1 Warp Charge point if there are 10 or more models with the 'Ere We Go special rule within 12" of him. If he generates an extra point he must pass at least on Psychic Test during that phase or suffer a single Strength 2 hit with no saves allowed. This rule doesn't work if the Weirdboy is embarked in a vehicle or building (cheaper, and can bring extra warp charges, not a bad deal honestly). Zogwort is gone too (Sorry Zoggy!)
  • Mek: Costs 1.5 Meltaguns, can take 1 for every non-Mek HQ in the army. Must start the game attached to an Infantry or Artillery type unit and can't leave that unit for the game and is treated as part of that unit. (A nice option since some units lost the ability to have Meks automaticall)
  • Big Mek: Can't choose to start with a Shoota.
  • Painboy: Costs 5 Meltaguns, has the Independent Character special rule (Not bad, but I
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik: No longer gives out Cybork Body upgrades, nor chases whatever is closest to him. Instead his unit is Fearless and gains Rampage. Has the Brutal but Kunnin' Warlord Trait. (More useful even if you can't hand out Cybork Bodies to everyone by not making a unit pants on head silly. I'd probably stick him with a large unit of Boyz to get them running up field and into Krumping range faster and in larger numbers (since he gives out Feel no Pain to his unit too)
  • Kaptin Badrukk: He's an IC and a HQ choice for starters. Clocks in at the same cost as 11 Meltaguns, can take up to 3 Ammo Runts and has the Kunnin' but Brutal Warlord Trait. His Gifts of Gork and Mork are: Goldtoof Armour (3+/5++) and Da Rippa (24", S7, AP2, Assault 3, Gets Hot). (did someone say Freebootas army?)
  • Boss Zagstruk: Also promoted to being an HQ choice who costs as much as 6.5 Meltaguns. Comes with the Bellowing Tyrant Warlord Trait and Da Vulture's Klaws (Hammer of Wrath attacks made by Boss Zagstruk are at S8, AP2) as his Gift of Mork and Ork (less high Strength attacks, but not an unreasonable points cost for Da Vulture might get him seeing some play)


  • Boyz: Rokkit Launch upgrade is 5 points cheaper, Nob for the unit is called "Boss Nob" (The loss of the old Mob rule is the only thing that has me looking at these guys poorly. The unit itself is fine and frankly we'll be seeing a lot of them no matter what)
  • Gretchin: 5 points cheaper than they used to be to start with, no real changes in rules beyond that Squig Hounds are now a purchasable upgrade instead of being an automatic piece of wargear (not a bad chaff unit, so anyone who was using these little guys will keep using them).


  • Burna Boyz: +5 points to start with (and +1 point per model when upgrading the unit) (a little more expensive, but only just. Still a decent unit that is probably going to be crowded out in most players lists by the other Elite choices as before)
  • Tankbustas: -10 points to start with, Glory Hogs now gives double the standard VP for First Blood if First Blood is achieved by the Tankbustas destroying an enemy Vehicle and the unit comes with the Tank Hunters special rule (basically these guys got a major buff and may be seeing the table more often because they've just gotten flat out better all around)
  • Nobz: 6 points cheaper, comes with a Boss Nob, models are 2 points cheaper per additional Nob (while not able to be taken as a Troops choice anymore, they're not a bad unit but the inability to make them Troops might keep them from seeing the table in large numbers in many people's lists).
  • Meganobz: Can swap weapons for two Killsaws (With new, nicer kits, and dual Killsaws these guys may see the table more often, depending on player preference).
  • Kommandos: No Changes, save for the following:
  • Boss Snikrot: No, this isn't an error, he's now a separate Elites choice and clocks in at 25 points less than he used to. If he's in a unit of Kommandos that is in Reserves and there are no other ICs attached to the unit then it can move into the table from any edge without rolling. They also have the Shoruded rule on the turn they deploy or arrive from Reserves until the start of the next turn. Snikrot can only join units of Kommandos, and if the list has at least one unit of Komandos in it he doesn't use an FOC slot. He comes with the Mork's Teeth (S User, AP5, Melee, Shred) Gift of Gork and Mork. (I predict this to be something we'll see a lot of in the future: unit specific upgrade characters getting their own entry. I don't know if its because of the new book formating (with the half page photos on every entry) or the combination of bestiary and army list necessitating it but it seems like something that we'll see more of from here on out)

Fast Attack

  • Trukk: -5 points, Ramshackle downgrades Penetrating hits into Glances on a D6 roll of a 6 (Sorry fans of Ramshackle, it no longer explodes at S3 for the occupants, nor does it kareen and do other entertaining things)
  • Stormboyz: 15 points cheaper to start and 3 points cheaper for the additional Storm Boyz, can now take Mobs of up to 30 (the larger mobs and overall lower cost makes these guys look a bit better in my opinion over what they used to)
  • Deffkoptas: 5 points cheaper per model (and likely to only be fielded by people who have the plastic models)
  • Dakkajet: Waaagh! Plane nerfed to only giving each weapon one additional shot instead of double on the turn it's called (it's still one of the most fairly balanced flyers in the game and that won't be change, but I am sad to see the firepower toned so far down like it was)
  • Burna-Bommer: -10 points (Not my favorite of the jets but not a bad one as it brings a fair amount of firepower with it's bombs, option for missles, and Grot Gunner)
  • Blitz-Bommer: No change (My least favorite of the jets and one I'd only take for a laugh I don't see this one in too many lists)
  • Warbikers: Can't be taken as troops, start at 21 points cheaper and 7 points cheaper per model the bikes were good before but they got better just for how cheap they can be. Can also run in units of up to 15 (may not be troops material anymore, but they got cheaper so I don't see them leaving people's lists too quickly.)
  • Warbuggies: 5 points cheaper a buggy and can now go in units of up to 5. (still DESPERATELY needs a new model though)

Heavy Support

  • Mek Gunz: Replacing the Big Gunz (well, kind of as the old Big Gunz options are still legal and part of the unit) these come in at 2 points cheaper per Gun to start and the battery can have up to 5 Gunz in it (plus crew which starts at 2 and can take 2 more plus an Ammo Runt for each Gun) (I don't see these leaving lists for people who have them in their already honestly)
  • Battlewagon: 20 points more expensive (good thing they cut points in other parts of the list I guess. It's still a good vehicle but that definitely caught me off guard to see that points jump. At least the Deff Rolla's cost was cut in half).
  • Deff Dread: +5 Points, starts with 2 Power Klaws and 2 Big Shootas (actually making it 5 points cheaper to start, and no, you can't take this as a troop choice by taking a Big Mek, sorry).
  • Killa Kans: +15 points per Kan, can take them in groups of 5 (mixed a 6 pack joke there GW!), does NOT get an option for two shooting options (sorry rumor mill!) and has a new rule called Cowardly Grots! that makes them roll a die on any phase they suffer 25% or more casualties (they add +1 to the roll if one or more Deff Dreads is within 6") on a 3+ nothing happens but on a 1-2 every model suffers a Crew Shaken result (this does not knock Hull Points off the models) (frankly I do not see why the Kans had to see a points jump. Even taking in to account that they come standard with the Big Shoota (making the points jump a whole 10 points instead of 15 over their old cost) it still feels like too much for a 2 HP walker in my book)
  • Gorkanaught: Costs 24.5 Meltaguns and is the same as the WD (It's not bad, but I feel it'd been better if they made it an Assault Vehicle)
  • Morkanaught: Costs 23 Meltaguns and is the same as the WD (I actually like this one a little more because it can buy an Invul save.  It still could really use being an Assault vehicle though)
  • Lootas: No longer Elites, 5 points cheaper to start and -1 points per model after (still good, though competing with Battlewagons for space isn't a good thing for them)
  • Flash Gitz: 15 points cheaper to start, and 3 points cheaper per model. Comes standard with the Kaptin as their unit Character option. The biggest thing (other than every model being able to take their own Ammo Runt) is how many options were stripped off them in terms of upgrades. Though they lost Gets Hot as a penalty so it's not all bad. And while they can't buy a Painboy or 'Eavy Armor they now have access to Trukks and Battlewagons as Dedicated Transports which at least makes them more mobile.

Lords of War

No that is NOT a typo. Lords of War are finally finding homes in the Codexes.
  • Ghazghkull Thraka: Comes with the Prophet of the Waaagh! Warlord Trait, gains a 2+ Invulnerable if he calls the Waaagh! and is your Warlord and when he does models in hus unit that are in Mega Armour can run. He can also purchase upgrades from the Runts & Squigs list. (Basically he didn't change much, save for what part of the FOC he uses)
  • Stompa: This beast didn't change beyond being able to take Grot Riggers (yes, the Stompa can It Will Not Die...it'll just cost 800 points to field it like that)

Closing Thoughts

Honestly I'm still processing a fair amount of this but overall it doesn't look like a bad book on it's own. Some of the points increases make me scratch my head, and the inclusion of Lords of War was something I didn't expect to actually happen but it's not a horrible book. The alternate Orks-only detachment can really let a player bring out the horde feeling of the army, but the changes to the codex make it so you're not taking hordes of bikes, or Deff Dreads, or even Nobs, which many people enjoyed doing.

In short this is a real mixed bag of a codex. There are a lot of things I like, but I see somethings that I don't. I don't think we can write it off right away as a viable book, but at the same time I'm not seeing much that will outright shift the meta either.

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