One of our fellow Wargaming bloggers, Grot Orderly, has managed to lay there hands on some pictures of the upcoming White Dwarf, Issue 22. These pictures show that the Ork MegaNobz and a Ghazghkull Supplement will be available for pre-order this weekend.

These new Meganobz are, of course, in plastic which is great news for anyone who has had to work with the old Metal miniatures, and even the Finecast ones for that matter. Not only are they much easier to assemble they can also be customized to a much greater degree. This customization also includes the options to create a Big Mek out of the kit including parts to arm him with a Tellport Blasta. This shoulder mounted array of weapons looks great and the numerous Mek part we have seen in a number of images show that this kit will be crammed full of bitz. To accompany this Mek we also get a Grot Oiler, clutching a squig beneath his arm.

In addition to the Meganobz we will also be receiving a supplement to the Ork Codex that will be re-released. WAAAGH! Ghazghkull will feature the scourge of Armageddon and his clan, the Goffs. While it seems a little strange to release a supplement only a week after its associated Codex I doubt that Ghazghkull will feature within it, his listing being reserved for supplement instead.

Finally we will also be receiving a number of discounted bundles. These include a Battlewagon which comes with a Deff Rolla (and hopefully the other upgrades) for less than it costs to buy them together currently. This is the same for Trukk Boyz (Ork Boyz and a Trukk) and the Deff Dread Mob (2 Deff Dreads). It is nice to see that GW are finally catching on to the fact that people appreciate discounted bundles. With three of these bundles coming together it is a good indication that this practice will likely continue in the future.

All of the pictures discussed in this article can be found below for your enjoyment.

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