The Ork re-release was officially announced this previous weekend with the ridiculously Orky Morkanaught and Gorkanaught kit. To compliment this news, our tricksy Kommando friends have given us a peak at some more of the upcoming Ork kits. Enjoy these as many, many grots unwillingly gave their lives for this information.

In addition to the news about the Morkanaught kit, a sample of the e-book how to paint your Morkanaught became available on the iBook store and inside was included an image which detailed several new kits.

I have noted the following about the image:

  • In this image we can see see several of variations of what looks like wheeled artillery or Big Gunz in the bottom left along with their grot crew. The central vehicle appears to be a Zzap gun but it is hard to judge the rest.
  • In front these is rather bad-ass buzzsaw wielding Big Mek wearing some sort of exo-harness. Maybe he has seen Edge of Tomorrow?
  •  Moving along to right we can also spy what appears to be an update to the Shokk Attack Gun, which will undoubtedly be plastic. This new Big Mek has electrical arcs from the spinney gubbinz along with an arm to hold the weight. From looking at his iron shod boots I would assume that this is a different kit from his more lightly armed cousin. The normal Mek has plain toe caps whereas the Shokk Attack toting Mek has spiky caps.
  • And finally we come to a Mega Armored Ork, comparing him to the existing Orks on the GW site I would expect to see this guy coming in plastic form very soon. There is little difference from our current Mega Nob but after seeing a snippet of these guys in the most recent White Dwarf, I imagine there will be a little more variations available.
In addition to this we also have a leaked page from White Dwarf which shows the long awaited Flash Gitz kit. I have to say, these guys are getting me really excited about Orks again. The pirate hats and over-sized Snazzguns really embody what it is to be an Ork in the 41st Millenium. As it is Games Workshops penchant to make multi-unit kits it will be interesting to see what these guys can be assembled into, fingers crossed for Kommandos and Tank Bustas!

Flash Gitz image couresty of Gorthaur over at Warseer:

Hot On The Wire.

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