This Ork release is shaping up to be the most protracted release that we have seen so far this year. This weekend will mark the third week of releases and we still have more miniatures to come. What these upcoming miniatures are have been revealed in some Leaks from White Dwarf. Not only we will be getting the much awaited Ork Codex but it will be acommpanied by a new Painboy and Big Mek

We have already seen numerous shots of the Big Mek in the previous issue of White Dwarf so this is no real surprise. However what is new is that we will most likely be a couple of weapon options for the Big Mek to choose from. Previous shots show him armed with a buzz saw whereas these new shots feature large wrench. Up to until now we have yet to see the new Painboy and I have to say that I am very impressed with his 'Surgikal Intsramentz'. I am not as struck on his face though, but I will reserve passing judgement until I have seen a few more shots of the Dok. As is the norm now, both of these miniatures are plastic supplied in a clam-pack.

What has also been revealed by the WD leaks is the inclusion of the Looted Wagon. A few weeks a go there were a number of rumours stating that it had been dropped form the Codex. The 'Exclusive to White Dwarf' label would suggest that this is true. If you already have a number of looted vehicles then I would advise picking this issue up so that you can continue to use them. The leaked images can be found below:

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