Hello all, Geochimp here with a bit of a serious post to share with you all. I'd like to talk to you about an upcoming charity fundraising event due to take place at the end of August.  

Now, cancer is one of those things that unfortunately affects most people at some point in their lives, either through the heartache of watching loved ones being diagnosed or being a sufferer themselves. 

Our fellow gamer, Dave Wilkinson (aka @DocBungle over on Twitter) has recently learned that his mum has unfortunately contracted cancer. Luckily, Dave's mum has the benefit of being cared for by MacMillan Cancer Support, who for our non UK-based readers are a charity organisation who provide medical, practical, emotional and, where needed, financial support to cancer sufferers. They do excellent work and help to make patients' lives as comfortable as possible. With me so far? Good!

As MacMillan are a charity, they rely on donations to keep operating and as you can imagine the services they offer aren't cheap so the stream of donations needs to be pretty much constant. So, what Dave has done in order to give something back to MacMillan, is set up "Wargamers Against All Cancer" or #WAAC. What he's proposed is a community-wide, 24hr hobby-a-thon to take place on the weekend 23rd/24th of August. 

The way it works is you pledge some money towards the cause through Dave's JustGiving page, then on the weekend in question do some hobby. Anything you like. Wargaming, boardgaming, MtG, painting, building, whatever! You don't have to do the full 24hrs if you don't want to. Do as much or as little as you want, the important thing is your donation pledge. 

If you want to take part, great, the more the merrier! Here's the kicker though, we  don't just want you, we want you to get all of your gaming buddies in on this too. Get your FLGS in on it, get your clubs in on it, get your family to sponsor you if you like! Dave has set a realistic target of £1500 pounds, and fair play, so far the fund is looking pretty healthy sitting at £786.17. However, with 11 weeks to go until the big day, there's no reason why we can't smash that £1500 and really make a difference!

So come on, head on over to https://www.justgiving.com/WAAC, get your pledge down and get thinking about what you're going to do come August 23rd!

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