We are firmly in the month of Mork and Gork, so it is about tme we jumped onto the Battlewagon. What better way to cash in on the Ork popularity than to take a look at all of the Orky conversions bits available out there. No matter if your interest is in Pirates, WW2 or Mexican Banditos there are bitz out there that are perfect for you.


Kromlech is a polish based miniature manufacturer who specialize in 28mm heroic scale miniatures. Naturally, they have been designed to be compatible with Warhammer products such as Space Marines, Imperial Guard and of course Orks. Kromlech offers a wide variety of Orky parts, far too many to list here. but I will pick out some of my favorites.

Cyber Pirate Ork Heads

With the recent flash gitz Kaptin sporting some rather piratical headgear already, why not load out the rest of your Gitz with some swashbuckling attire. You can also keep the wealthy Ork theme as these heads are full of cybernetic implants.

Orks Wearing Fez's

Yes you read that correctly, with these alternative heads your Orks can now proudly state 'I wearz a Fez now, Fezzes is kool!'. The heads are branded as Ottoman Orcs be its pretty obvious that these are more for comic effect than a historical theme. 

Mechanical CCW Arms

If you are a fan of choppy Orks and cybernetics then these Mechanical arms are right up your street. The sculpts are fantastic as they really capture the essence of Ork craftsmanship, they are functional, deadly and far from elegant.

There really is a fantastic range of Ork parts on offer to check them out. Even if you are not in the market for conversions, you probably will be after seeing what is on offer. On a side note, the quality of the sculpts is also great, the resin parts have little in the way of bubbles or warping. You can find Kromlechs full Ork range HERE.

Max Mini

Max Mini s another European manufacturer of 28mm Heroic scale bitz and, as with Kromlech, they host a whole range of interesting Orky headswaps as well as parts for use with Imperial Guard, Space Marine and even Tyranid units. Here are my top picks:

Ork Tech Freak Heads

These tech freak heads would make fantastic alternatives for Lootas or Meks. The garish cybernetic sculpting looks excellent, my favorite of the set being the Ork with the exhaust protruding from his head.

Ugruth The Jungle Fighter

Whilst not really a conversion bit, this Ork hero miniature would make an excellent Warboss for a Snakebite Clan themed force. The dynamic posture and huge stabby knifes would really draw the eye and make him an excellent centerpiece.

Although Max Minis range of Ork parts is not as diverse as Kromlechs they still plenty of excellent conversion bits. Whilst you are there you should also check out some of the other options they offer for non-Ork forces. You can find Max Minis store HERE.

Puppets War

Yet again, Puppets War bring their Warhammer compatible bits to the table and among their offerings are a number of Human, Ork and even Necron themed parts. Not only do Puppets War provide alternative heads they also stock a number of vehicles, these include a great alternative to the outdated Ork War buggy. Here are a few more of their Ork products.

Top Gun Goblins

Puppets War also offer some vehicle customisation parts in the form the of the Top Gun Goblins. These twin-linked big shoota wielding Grotz would make an excellent addition to a battle wagon or even an Ork flyer.

Gringo Orc Heads

If you have ever dreamed of owning some burrito eating, sombrero toting, tequila swigging Ork Boyz then your dream has come true. These fearsome Ork heads have been sculpted with sombreros of various sizes and styles with one Ork sporting some rather smashing sideburns as well.

If you are heading over to Puppets War you should check out their Tallarn Deset Raider like heads, these look fantastic and would allow you to create an excellent Tallarn force. You can visit their store HERE.


I could go on for a lot longer about all of the places you can buy Ork conversion parts but I think that should give you plenty to choose from for the time being. What is excellent about all of the items discussed in the article is that they allow those will little skill or will to sculpt to still achieve interesting and unique looking miniatures. They are also fantastic for kit-bashing units which are not available in plastic yet, such as Kommandos or Tankbustas. 

If you would like to find out a few additional stores which sell Ork conversion parts be sure to visit Da Mek Shops list of unique bitz retailers.

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