If you read my article from last week, Games Workshop Weekly, my Thoughts, then you will remember my request for survey responses. Well we have had over a hundred responses since,and as Survey Monkey limits us to 100 before they demand cash, lets take a look at what you guys think. This is by no means the most scientific way of collecting results, 100 is such a small sample number, but if its good enough for skin care products then its good enough for us.

Question 1: Overall how would you rate the Weekly release schedule

  1. It's great, much better than the monthly releases - 43%
  2. I neither like or dislike the new system, I am satisfied with both. - 38%
  3. I wish we had monthly releases again - 19%

I was quite surprised by the generally neutral/positive attitude towards the weekly schedule, especially after seeing a lot of grumbling about it. 

Question 2: How has the change affected your buying habits?

  1. I am more likely to purchase new releases - 13%
  2. My buying habits have not changed - 72%
  3. I am less likely to purchase new releases - 15%

The results for this question didn't really surprise me. As a lot of people have a limited budget to spend on Warhammer, having releases spread out over the course of the month will make little impact on how much they buy ultimately. 

Question 3: How has the schedule change affected your patronage of GW stores?

  1. I visit stores a lot more often than I used to. - 16%
  2. I have been a few more times than normal but not a lot - 19%
  3. I have not visited a GW store any more or less than usual - 52%
  4. I have been less inclined to visit a store than I normally would - 5%
  5. I visit GW stores significantly less as a result of this change - 8%

It appears that generally speaking, GW store patronage hasn't change that much but it has increased slightly. This is most likely as a result of the Weekly White Dwarf which can only be purchased from GW stores and some independent retailers. 

Question 4: Which of the following marketing strategies would most encourage you to buy GWs new releases?

  1. Be more open about their upcoming releases and plans - 13%
  2. Offer more discounted bundles - 29%
  3. Releases throughout the year and not just when a Codex / Army book is updated - 17%
  4. Offer more freebies such as the Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain #1 - 5%
  5. More engagement with the community - 24%
  6. Other -12%

The two most popular responses to this question were Offer more discounted bundles and More engagement with the community. People wanting more bundles is no real surprise as people are always happy to get more for their money. What was interesting was how many people felt GW needed to engage more with the community. Be it Social Media, public beta testing or just generally being more open with the Warhammer fans.


So in conclusion I can say that, from looking at our results, people are generally happy with the new format. Although they may visit GW stores more often they are not necessarily likely to buy any more than they used to. As I touched on earlier people who can, will visit their local GW to pick up a White Dwarf and maybe a few of the latest releases. However, they are unlikely to spend any extra money than they had planned to in the first place.

What was most revealing from the results was that the general feeling is that Games Workshop should be more engaging with the community. This is understandable as GW have recently closed down their Warhammer World Facebook account and have no really company page either. The same goes for Twitter and other social media sources. People also feel that their ideas and grievances are often ignored and with no official interface between the company and it clients, these feelings will just get stronger.

So that was our first survey, although it was hardly the greatest example of market research I feel that we managed to glean some insight of what the community is thinking. Keep an eye out for any future surveys and if you have any topic suggestions, leave them in the comments.

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