That's right, 7th Edition information came pouring out today from the WD, starting with information in the teaser video and culminating in the White Dwarf hitting the internet today!

Click for the big versions!

Two mission charts to choose from

Some of the new Maelstrom of War Objectives showing how Troops are still useful

Okay, Troops are still mostly mandatory as you can likely guess
A little WD lovin'

I'm liking the easy Perils there to help balance the changes to powers

Thous sometimes you Perils easier than others

A lot of changes piled in into such a small space there. 

Looks great, but costs $340....PASS

A MASSIVE thanks to testrisphreak over on Dakka for taking all these pictures of the White Dwarf and giving us even more information from it's pages:

  • Difficult terrain is -2" to charge range. 

  • 7+ to explode a vehicle. 

  • New wound allocation - weapon by weapon.

  • Rulebook - $85 

  • Munitorum edition - $340, 2,000 copies, online only, limited 

  • Psychic deck - $15 

  • Tactical objectives - $8 

  • No dice, objectives, or templates. Those will probably drop next week.

  • "Units now shoot based on the weapon they're holding. E.g., the flamer shoots and resolves all wounds, then the bolters in the unit shoot and resolve all wounds. So on and so forth until all eligible weapons have been fired. No more 'my bolter has 24" range so my flamer wounds can apply to models up to 24" away." This is huge."

  • Melee to-hit chart is the same. 

  • S vs T to-wound chart is the same. 

  • BS6+ not listed in the shooting to hit table. 

  • Vehicle damage table has effects for 1-3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. (Cannot read text) 

  • Perils chart is a d6 table. 
  • Hot On The Wire.

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