Welcome wargamers to another look at the latest ForgeWorld releases.

To kick us off we have the Mechanicum Krios Venator tank.

This variant of the Krios adapts the tank into a powerful tank destroyer by replacing its lightning cannon with a pulsar-fusil. This ancient and complex weapons system is a relic of the Dark Age of Technology and its secrets are jealously guarded by those who possess them. It is a multi-chambered particle beam cannon designed to fire volleys of destructive energy bolts which detonate explosively upon hitting their target, tearing armoured vehicles apart with repeated strikes.

The Krios venator is available for pre-order and will be released on Friday, May 23rd.

Next we have the Emperor's Children MK. IV Head set.

The kit comes with 10 heads and accessories to personalise your Emperors Children. 

It's perfect to be used alongside the Emperor's Children Torso Set, which contains five new torsos to add to the warriors of the III legion. 

Both kits will be released on Friday, May 23rd.

Finally we have the World Eaters MK. IV Head set.

Like the previous head set, this one contains 10 pieces to customise your world eaters.

That's all the Forgeworld for this week guys and girls. Go and enjoy your weekend.

Happy Wargaming

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