For some, building terrain is a chance to lovingly craft a physical manifestation of a world that they enjoy so much. For others, it just gets in the way of the gaming. But what if there was a way to enjoy good looking terrain without having to invest hours of time to build some or heaps of cash to pay for pre-made. Well there actually is something, Card Terrain.

One such purveyor of Card Terrain is Juilan Hicks who is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund his next idea, Cargo Containers. These containers have been excellently detailed by Mortis Logan, the artist responsible for the 3D effect. I (PH) caught up with Julian (JH) to discuss his project.

PH: Welcome to Talk Wargaming Julian. Lets start  things off by talking about your kickstarter project, Cargo Containers. What is it all about?

JH: Hi Pete, this Kickstarter is in response to feedback that I had from my previous projects – lots of gamers out there play modern or near future or even Sci Fi games  and shipping containers seemed to me to be a
good way to cover several genres, I wanted backers to be able to get lots of terrain for blocking line of sight and as scatter material for urban environments.

PH: There is always the risk that a funded kickstarter project may fail, how have you made sure that you are ready to face any challenges that may befall you?

JH: I have run a couple of successful Kickstarter’s prior to this one so have some experience. I spend a lot of time with a spreadsheet making sure that if the projects funds I can deliver all the rewards in good time without losing money, I make sure my printer knows what I am expecting and that they are confident they can deliver to my expectations.

PH: Now these are not the only card terrain pieces you offer, you have a number of other items on your website What can you tell us about these?

JH: The products available from my website are the outcomes of the previous Kickstarter campaigns – to get these high quality boxes made I have to invest in larger print runs to keep the unit price down, so my profit
from the projects goes into the stock I now have.

PH: Some people may be a little concerned about card terrains robustness vs other materials, What would you say are the advantages of using card based terrain?

JH: The terrain I am making is pre-printed, pre-cut and laminated as well as being quick to pop up, it’s easy to fold flat and stores in a tiny amount of space – and you get a lot for your bucks – there is a lot of really awesome terrain available in resin, laser cut ply and plastic but the pieces can be both quite expensive and as well as often hours of work to paint and assemble you then need room to store it when it’s not in use, and much of it can be a real pain to carry around !
People ask all the time about how strong it is, here is an image from a previous project – One of the Tabletop Towns houses with a 1 kilo, 2.2lb bag of sugar on it! Not many figures out there weight this much, so it’s an indication of the strength of the boxes. The Containers won’t support this much weight, at least not without folding the feet under. My target is for them to be able to support 500g or 1lb

PH: So just how easy to assemble are the containers and, by extension, your other card terrain? Is it something that could be taken with you and quickly assembled before a game?

JH: These are really easy to put up and really fast to pack away again so yes they are ideal for conventions and tournaments, I was asked during a previous campaign so I tried to see how long putting a whole table full of stuff would take - I have sped the video up but you can see a clock running - these containers would be much quicker :) That was 24 buildings but also roofs and tower tops.

PH: The Cargo Containers are the first of your card terrain to be designed for use in a sci-fi or modern genre, is this a direction that you are thinking of pursuing further? 

JH: Yes I want to build the range and continue to develop new items as well for the Sci Fi market, the Fantasy market and I have plans to add other genres too…

If you are interested in getting your hands on these Cargo Containers or maybe even some of Julians other kits then head over to the Cargo Containers Kickstarter page and pledge your support. Free delivery is offered to both those in the UK and even the US, courtesy of Jonathan Albin who will be handling business in the USA.

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