Following the announcement of the new Unbound rules which arrived along with the 7th Edition there was a lot of cynicism regarding Games Workshops motives. A lot of people believed that this was simply a ploy to sell more miniatures and I can see why they would think this. However, this isn't the focus of this article so if you are looking for some GW bashing then you will be best looking on the forums. Instead I would like to focus on the positive side of Unbound lists, the greater freedom to be creative.

I am by no means a competitive player, I build armies based on fluff not meticulously fine tuned tactics. So as soon as I heard 'Unbound' army lists I immediately thought of the modelling opportunities that had opened up to me. Not only could I finely craft an interesting background to explain why my force consisted entirely of Ogryns but I could also get creative in modelling the Ogryns to fit this background.

Below are a few examples of Unbound Armies that I would like to see. These are by no means competitive, at least not intentionally. They have simply been crafted to be interesting and fun.

Ogryn PDF

We all know that Ogryns hail from Hi-Grav worlds but who protects these valuable sources of troops for the Imperium? Well how about an Ogryn Planetary Defense Force? The PDF would consist almost entirely of Ogryns and Bullgryns. The distinct lack of Heavy Weapons could be made up for by converting an Ogryn to be used as a counts-as Heavy Weapons Team. You could even include a commissar or Company HQ to represent a disgraced Officer whose punishment is to (try to) command a force of Ogryns.

Obliterator Cult

The fluff around the origins of Obliterators provides an background for a force based around an Obliterator cult. Not only could you load up on Obliterators and Mutilators but you could also include converted terminators which could represent those in the early stages of the Obliterator Virus.

Tyranid Vanguard

The early stages of a Tyranid invasion involve Genestealers and Lictors infiltrating a planet and sewing the seeds for the imminent swarm. With your whole force having the ability to appear behind your enemies lines you will really prove to be a headache for poor close assault forces such as the Imperial Guard. A Tryanid vanguard force would also provide some excellent opportunities to convert Genestealers emerging from vents and pipes.

Ork Air-force

An Ork loves speed and he cant get much faster than in a aeroplane, so why not load up your entire force with Bommers, Dakka Jets, Deffkoptas and Rokkit packs. I can already hear the gruff vocal renditions of Flight of  da Valkareez and Dam Bustas. Your Orks might not be that durable but they will be fast moving, hard hitting and a whole lot of fun. 

So that was just a few of my own ideas on how to make the most of the creativity afforded by unbound lists. But you may be thinking "Plenty of forces have been 'original' and 'interesting' whilst working with the FOC" and I do not disagree. Unbound lists do not give us ability to be creative, it just opens up more avenues for us to explore. The possibilities are truly endless and I look forward to seeing what the community think up.

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