Awaken Realms are hosting an awesome competition on their Facebook page to win this amazing Imperial Knight Titan.

To be in for a chance to win you must:

  • Like the post announcing the contest (linked here)
  • Like the Awaken Realms Facebook Page
  • Share The announcement post (Again, linked so you don't miss it!)
  • Pray to Nurgle to put a curse on the other contestants*
The contest ends on May 17th (That's tomorrow guys, so hop to it!) and the winner will be announced on May 18th (Which just happens to be my Birthday if you're reading this Awaken Realms ;-))

Second prize is a $75 voucher for Awaken Realms painting service. And Third prize is the option to choose what their next painting tutorial will be. 

If you needed more reasons to enter, check out the pictures:

Best of luck to those who enter!

*Praying to Nurgle is not a requirement. But hey, couldn't hurt. . . right? 

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