Yo dawg! Pimpcron is all up in your grill today with a list of some of the craziness out on the interwebs.

Some of these are funny, some awesome, others may be disturbing. You've been warned. I've listed them in no particular order; except that the order is very particular. I'm just not going to tell you the order.

1. LEGO Space Marines: This guy is making an entire army of LEGO marines and Orks too. He has way more than what is in this picture. The problem is, you think GW stuff is expensive? The last time I bought LEGOs for my son, the lady at Walmart had to take one of my kidneys as payment; and my son.


2.G.I. Joe 40k: This is a really great conversion collection including the good guys and bad guys. Classic. Just looking at this guy makes me want to start lisping; but I won't dare undo what years of therapy fixed.


3.DOOM Themed Army: This guy's army is really neat and even includes flaming heads as swarm bases.

4.Aliens Themed Nid Army: Well, obviously Nids are an alien army. Quit arguing with me and click the link to see it is an Aliens Franchise themed army. Jeez.


5.Buzz Lightyear Marine: I don't know what strikes me about this. But it does. It strikes me in such a way that when the neighbors call the cops, I'll say, "Don't take him I love him! I deserved it!"


6.Barbie Marine: This one is such a classic probably everyone has seen it; but I still like it. Like, more than friends.

7. Batman Marine: Nananananananana Heresy!


8. Avengers Necrons: Just like my grandma's porn debut, they made their way around the web a while ago but they are still really sweet.

9.Hello Kitty Dreadnaught: Okay, there are One Million, Six Hundred and Thirty Seven Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty Two Hello Kitty Armies out there. Which is both alarming and disturbing. And maybe a tad bit erotic. So I will only include this one picture as homage to the all powerful Kitty of Greetings.


10. Oh, who am I kidding? Hello Kitty Necrons: Okay, the reason why I'm also including them is that this guy also made a freaking Monolith Hello Kitty home! Once again, what is with these people? Hilarious though.


11. Cow Marine: In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There is Only Dairy.


12. Deadpool Assassin: This is pretty neat. 'Nuff Said.


13.Star Wars Marines: Hey Imperium, you're not the only Empire in town. I really like the look of these and he has many more painted up.


So there you have it people. I enjoyed making this and you better damn-sight have enjoyed reading it. Or else. Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm tired and rambling so that's my cue to sign off.

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