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Has the constant sobbing of your wallet kept you up at night? Can't help yourself when a new $50 supplement with five pages of rules comes out? 

Well, I'm here to try to mend things between you and your leather cash clam.

Hey ya'll! If you're reading this article, it means that you are a cheapo just like your old friend Pimpcron!

I've had Surfing Scarabs scouring the web for free papercraft terrain and this is what they found. Ranked from Best to "Most-Meh". (That's a human ranking, right?) 

Free Paper Craft? ... Is Awesome. ... Better ? ... Knowing Your Hobby Tools. See For Yourself.

Pictured is just my favorite of each of their products. It probably goes without saying that these can be printed from your home computer or taken to Staples, etc. 

They should be printed on card stock or something similar. I used to print them on paper and glue stick them to manilla folders. 

Still can't tell to this day. And way cheaper.

1. Pro: Very nice buildings for free. Plus all kinds of small additions, boxes, vending machines, arcade cabinet. Con: Nothing I know of.

2. Pro: LOTS of stuff to download and it all seems sized appropriately. Con: . . . I’m not sure.

3. Pro: Really neat Sci-fi buildings and even tanks, etc. Con: None, really.

4. Pro: Lots of buildings, mostly 28mm. Big selection. Con: Not all buildings are applicable. (Lincoln Tomb Necron building?)

Free Paper Craft? ... Is Awesome. ... Better ? ... Knowing Your Hobby Tools. See For Yourself.

5. Pro: Really cool site with many different buildings to choose from. Con: Has many different sizes, so many will not be appropriate for 28mm.

6. Pro: Nice detail on buildings and sandbags, etc. Con: Small number of things to print.

7. Pro: Very nice quality. Con: Limited selection, all fantasy themed.

8. Pro: Nice quality. He also has some seriously kick ass papercraft you have to pay for. Con: Small selection of free stuff.

9. Pro: Adorable free crates! Con: Small selection of free stuff.

10. Pro: Some nice Pokemon inspired buildings. Con: They have other stuff you have to sift through to get to the Pokemon buildings. Also, It has prominent fold lines and it is obviously Pokemon; but I really love the building shape. (Print it gray scale?)

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