It's time to take another look at the hottest crowd funding campaigns in the tabletop realm this week.

To start off we have Super Dungeon Explorer: Forgotten King by Soda Pop Miniatures. This companion edition is a stand alone game that includes nearly 60 chibi adventurers and monsters.

SDE captures the feel of classic video games through its two play styles; a fully cooperative arcade mode and a classic mode that sees one player control the dungeon, and the others the adventurers.

The game has already raised over half a million dollars and still has 11 days to go.

Next we have Mechadrome: Heavy Metal Combat by Gangfight Games. This is an interesting one because the rules have been designed to be used with two different scales, 15mm and 28mm.

The miniatures also come in the two different scales, meaning more people can have access to the game.

The miniatures are very cool looking digital sculpts that look influenced by the likes of Robocop and Aliens.

They've only raised half of their goal so far, but with over 2 weeks left, they should reach it easily.

To finish off today we have the Chaos Pact Fantasy Football Team by RN Estudio.

This campaign mixes digital sculpting for smaller models with traditional sculpting for the larger creatures. There is a range of alternate heads and accessories to customize your players and even a familiar face for an MVP:

Rn Estudio has already tripled their goal and still have 17 days to go, meaning there's plenty more chaos to be had before the end. 

That's all for this week folks. Let us know what you think about these campaigns in the comments below. And if you want to point us in the direction of a campaign you run or have seen, get in touch via twitter at @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper

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