Welcome to our new article series Talk Wargaming Spotlight, here we find and collate the best miniatures that Twitter has to offer. The submissions can be related to any Wargaming system just as long as they are painted, not blurry and are SFW. To get in on the chance to be featured in this article simply tweet your pics, making sure to include #TWGSpotlight. Make sure that you follow us on Twitter as well so that we can directly message you. We will regularly sort through these and pick out our favorites to be posted here, with full credit of course.

So for the TWG Spotlight Premiere we have chosen two submissions, one for the GW and another for the non-GW category (there were a lot of Warhammer submissions).

Richard Smith @richards2507 - Iron Lich Asphyxious

So for our non-GW category, Richard Smith has submitted his Iron Lich Asphyxious from War machine. We really liked the green armor and thought it gave the model a suitably putrid look. You can follow Richard Smith on Twitter or visit his blog to see more of his work.

Christopher Chestnut @cjchestnut - Tau Battlesuits

We received these Tau Battlesuits from Christopher Chestnut and were immediately impressed with how well the blue color scheme works with the snowy bases. You can see more of Christopher's Tau on his Twitter and his blog.

That was the first TWG Spotlight, if your submissions were not featured, do not loose heart! There will plenty more opportunities for your work to be published here at Talk Wargaming. Just remember to include #TWGSpotlight and follow us on Twitter.

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