R.I.P. 6th Edition! We hardly knew ye!

Retailers all over are claiming that Games Workshop representatives are yanking 6th Edition 40k off of the shelves.
With a new release date rumored to be May 24th. Even the GW website now shows this edition as unavailable.

Not only that, but the Psychic Power Cards are being pulled as well as Dark Vengeance!

Have they finally listened to our cries of imbalance with this edition since the inclusion of Stronghold Assault and Escalation? Is GW finally going to be the paragon of the people that we always wanted? A Fan Driven business strategy? A shining beacon of hope and understanding for all other gaming companies to see?

Don't hold your breath.

Rumors abound that this will simply be 6.5 Edition; maybe called 7th Edition. With the inclusion of Stronghold Assault, Escalation, Death From the Skies, etc. in the same binding as the regular 6th edition rules. Many insiders are claiming that it may also include FAQ information and errata. . .

So suddenly GW goes from being the People's Champion to their normal, slimy,  money-grabbing selves. This is most likely just a rolling of all of the books with some minor changes so that we have to buy a new book. Because why release a codex that some of the people will buy when you can regurgitate the same book that everyone has to buy?

So this is it: Games Workshop will show their true selves on May 24th according to sources. They will either fix all of the problems with Force Org exploitation, Apoc formations in 2000 point games and all of the other stuff, or they will chew up the current edition, and puke it back into your hands for some more cash.

But can we even blame them if the latter is what they intend? You're talking about a fan base that pays double for a "Special Edition" codex that merely sports different cover art. If you ask me, we get from them what we let them do. Old Pimpcron thinks we should "vote with our wallets" on things we care about. But knowing that it will never happen, we'll keep on shelling out cash and complaining.

That'll show 'em.

Hot On The Wire.

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