White Dwarf Weekly Issue 10 hit the shelves of your local hobby stores recently and in this article we will be taking a look inside. This time we have both a text and video review for your perusal, aren't we nice?

So as you can probably guess from the cover of the Issue the main focus is on the upcoming Astra Militarum. The new plastic Hydra and Wyvern kit are featured heavily appearing in at least 4 articles throughout the issue.

Naturally we see both the Wyvern and Hydra in the new release spotlight but we also get to see the designers notes on the kit. Interestingly the designer, Nik Ho, took inspiration from Forge Worlds Sabre Defence Platform which you can really see in the gunners shoulder braces.

We are also treated to a rules listing for the new Wyvern along with some tips on how to use it. The impression I get is that the Wyvern is quite firmly an anti-personnel weapon which excels at taking out tightly packed light infantry making the most of cover. The relatively low points cost makes it a lucrative option against horde armies such as Orks or Tyranids.

This weeks Paint Splatter takes a look at the Hydra/Wyvern kit but contains a lot of useful painting tips which can be applied to any vehicle. We are also given the details of the light green colour scheme that we see throughout the issue for 92nd Cadian Regiment.

Continuing with the Astra Militarum theme we also get a few words from the writers of Codex: Astra Militarum. GW seem to be keeping their cards close to their chest, for the time being, as little is revealed in regards to what we will be seeing inside next week.

Moving away from the Astra Militarum we have an article from Jeremy Vetock who talks about his own personal Hobby Journal. He explains how this has proved invaluable when jotting down paint mixes or keeping a record of game results. There is also a report from the Throne of Skulls event by Jes Bickham. We get some words from the winners of the event as well as tips should you attend it yourself. Jes Bickham also discusses his own experiences of the event along with the games he played there. Its not a bad read if you’re a tournament player yourself, especially if you are looking to attend a Throne of Skulls tournament.


So that was White Dwarf Weekly Issue 10, if you are a Guard fan then this issue is definitely for you. There is a lot of information about the design process of the Codex and the Hydra which are a good read. It is also full of pictures of the Studios new 92nd Cadian regiment. Unfortunately for non-40k players, we have another repeat of last weeks issue, with very little being discussed outside of 40k.

To conclude, if you’re an Imperial Guard or 40k fan then its a great issue, if not then you can probably save yourself a little money and avoid it this week.

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